Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New year, new post

I haven;t been posting on here as much as I said I would. My bad. Apparently i'm not allowed to show my photos on my blog anymore.. which is kinda shit. I'll still post some up but I'm afraid it'll be limited.. we'll call it self imposed censorship.

Anyway, went out and did something that I haven't done in a while, which was shoot for fun. Headed down to Tannum beach and took a few landscapes with my ND8 filter and Cokin graduated ND filter. They basically stop the light from coming into the camera, so you get nice slow shutter speeds, ie. milky smooth water. 

This is the first photo I took for the day. well not first first, but. the first one I liked. I used my special technique of using welding glass and putting it infront of the camera, to get ridiculously slow shutter speeds. This was about a 20second exposure, at 5pm @ f5.6? something stupid like that. THe welding glass is so dark it looks black. Unless you put it up to the sun, you wont see any thing through it. The drawback is, that the welding glass gives off a terrible green cast...

Yeah.. not very pretty. I mean, if you were going for an, outer space, martian green landscape then, yeah, welding glass is perfect. Unfortunately for this application, green was not the desired effect we wanted. I like black and whites, so converting it to b/w didn't bother me at all. I've been wanting to do the whole 'slow shutter speed black and white' look for a while and have never really gotten the chance to. Lack of subject and not caring enough to do it, being the 2 major reasons. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, however I have a few problems with the welding glass, eg, light leaks, so i've bought another one and i'll look to improve it so it will be more reliable in the future. Until it does arrive, this works fine. 

I haven't used the Grad ND filter for a long long time and i've forgotten why I used to love it so much! This is one exposure, no HDR no photoshop, all one photo, with a few contrast tweaks. Using the Grad ND and ND8 filter combined really saturate the colours and make the image pop. Something photoshop can't do. Nice slow shutter speed to get the waves looking milky and smooth. Haven't done landscapes in a long time and I really miss it. Will definitely go back to Tannum and get more shots. 

The last 3 shots were.. how I would say 'art wank' more abstract artsy photos. I really liked how the slow shutter speed made the water look like smooth milky carpet and the Graduated ND and the ND8 filter really saturated the colours creating some really nice, minimalistic abstract photos. It's a shame the horizon was hazy and obscured the moon to show its full potential. The moon was a beautiful red from the sunset and I loved how it just rose above the horizon and the boat sailing across as well. Quite unnoticeable but i think it adds to the image. Hopefully if I go back next time, there wont be any haze and I can get a nice clean image.

Anyway, short post this time, hopefully I can put some more of my work up there, otherwise it'll be more of this stuff!