Thursday, July 29, 2010

More portraits..

Its been a busy few weeks. Writing emails, getting responses and then.. they decide not to help me anymore.. not very good.. bit annoyed about that.. I need to chase people up and make them give me an answer.. are you helping me or not.. don't say you are then stop writing back to me.. whatever.. I don't care.. well.. I do.. Anyways..

Went to Harrops today, some engineering company who specialize in car parts, making all this stuff which I know nothing about but.. yeah.. Was a pretty quick shoot and not exactly what I wanted.. I was after a more.. how we say.. structured style of shooting like back at the boat builders, these guys were a bit rushed and some of them didn't want their photos taken. It was ok, I got a few images. A lot of the people were like"why are you taking my photo" "who are you?" "where are you from?" all the typical shit.. Sorta walked around the factory floor with a guy and he walked around asking people if they wanted a photo or not, and when they agreed they were nervous and timid, left me not time, shoot and scoot. Hopefully some of them worked, didn't use any external lights, all natural lights.. well... natural artificial lights, which leave a disgusting colour cast and some shit weird colour banding.. 

I didn't use this photo for obvious reasons, but that's the shit banding thing or whatever you wanna call it from the fluro lights, I have a feeling its just the different wave lengths of light emitting from the fluro lights which gives crazy colours. If I shoot in quick succession you don't see the light, or if i over expose 1/3rd a stop its ok. Anyways, i'll show you some proper photos from the day.

I quite like this one but i'm not sure if it counts as a portrait considering you can't see his face.. I still like it. 

Shot a few more photos than these but I think these are the ones which probably worked out the best. I'm probably gonna have to re-edit a couple of those photos like the 2 in the middle, i think they might be a little hot and over-exposed a bit. But yeah.. I dunno.. Kinda wanting to do a few more portraits of industrial workers just to see how this whole series is going to work out. I'm really keen on the car yard to get back to me.. which he hasn't.. after i met him last week and he said he'd call me.. or the OTHER one who told me to call him, i left him 3 messages and still no call back... shit... it's too hard to organize these shoots, i've sent out like 10 emails to different places and only a handful have replied back... what can you do... i'll probs have to chase people up.. anyways.. that's it for now.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Babies babies

So you're gonna think.. babies.. this will be interesting, and you are correct. It was probably the first time i've actually enjoyed shooting a baby.. strange i know. This family had contacted me months ago and I had never known how they got onto my website to send me a message to shoot their little baby.

I haven't shot kids since I first started shooting which was over 5 years ago now.. time flies.. i'm starting to feel old.. When I first started shooting babies I had no idea what I was doing and honestly.. I still didn't today, was very nervous to say the least. Arrived at the Doshi's and I asked how they found my website, turns out the mother, Dee, is now a stay at home mum who likes to surf the web and somehow came along flickr, and then RMIT photographers on Flickr... Found me and sent me a message.. what are the odds? 

But having said that, lovely family. Really, no bullshit. So like I was saying, nerves. Already being nervous and worried about how to shoot the "kid" I realized I left my trusty 70-200 at home.. SHIT! okay okay.. relax.. plan B.. use what I have.. 28-70 + 50 1.8.. this could work.. well.. it has to.. I have no choice.. 

So.. started with the 50mm wide open.. yeah nice look nice photos but foolish.. focus can be a little off. Luckily enough the out of focus ones weren't too bad that they were unusable, this being an example of that. We actually started shooting outdoors but.. I liked this photo, so I put it at the front.. sue me..

The weather was relatively nice this morning so we thought it'd be a good idea to get a few shots outdoors, as some of you know, I'm not a fan of.. indoorsy, staged looking portraits.. it's probably the doco photographer in me. Again another shot with the 50mm wide open. Love the shallow DOF on FX. yum. 

I really like this photo for some reason.. maybe its the framing, maybe its a sense of fragility in mothers arm.. I don't know.. it's most probably cos of the bokeh that makes me like it. 

Now before you go and start screaming child abuse.. Sidi enjoyed being up in the air hence the smile on the face. Really nice parents, really nice guys, been in Aus for 5 years. used to live in NZ, they were there for 7 years. Spoke english really well.. I thought he was gonna be a cab driver, my ignorant naivety, he isn't a cab drive.. 

I really like this photo, something very special about this photo. Bit of mother, child love. I like it. I wish I had a photo like this with my mother.. sigh.. oh well.. Really digging the 50mm lens, I think it works well as a general purpose lens, maybe be a bit short in some circumstances, but overall I think its a good 'go to' lens if you're out doing a few portraits. The 28-70 is good too but.. for portraits.. I dunno.. which is ironic cos I used the 28-70 yesterday with my other portraits...

Good way to finish off this post, a nice family photo. Great parents, great kid. Sidhant aka Sidi, cute kid, didn't cry, didn't hissy fit. I like that. Shot a shit load on this shoot.. 355 images in 2.5hrs.. I normally only shoot 250-300 when I do weddings.. eek.. something wrong there.. Always good when you get paid for a shoot    =]  

Anyways, no more shoots for a while I don't think.. unless those bastard industrial people get back to me.. it's been 2-3 weeks.. worst.. might have to make some executive decisions and just call people and force an answer out of them.. ANYWAYS.. till then,





Friday, July 16, 2010


Is what i need. So its been a while since i've blogged or put anything onto this site, i've been working a bit.. or a lot, making money which I guess I can't complain about. I haven't had the chance to do any shooting which i've wanted to do for myself, had a shoot the other week for a wine company, it was okay, nothing special. 

This lack of motivation and time has made me a bit lazy and my endeavors to chase up on industrial based portraits has since waned. However having said that, I had a call from a boat building place which was happy for me to go down and do a few portraits which was good, haven't had a proper shoot in ages.

This is the first portrait I took, I was originally going to go with the idea of shooting my images only with a 50mm lens, I wanted to keep a certain consistency in my series of images, but as usual, I changed it and didn't follow the plan I had. Story of my life.. I shouldn't complain, being impulsive has gotten me a lot of good images. Simple set up, 2 x sb-600 up high with shoot through umbrella. D3s + 28-70 @ 2.8, wanted the real shallow DOF< probably should've stuck with the 50 1.8 and shot right open.. who knows. 

2nd image, I found this bloke to have more... character in his face than the other chap. His beard, paint on the clothes, weary face. Same set up, same lens. I'm feeling okay about this shoot, not the best, not the worst. I feel there is something missing in the images. I wanted a simple styled portrait, no posing, no smiling.. I don't know how successful this is as a start, that's for you to decide. Oh well..

Another shoot tomorrow, this time its for a baby.. I don't know how they found my site but they wanted a shoot which they planned months ago. Hopefully that goes well, maybe i'll show you some more pictures then =]

Until then,