Thursday, July 29, 2010

More portraits..

Its been a busy few weeks. Writing emails, getting responses and then.. they decide not to help me anymore.. not very good.. bit annoyed about that.. I need to chase people up and make them give me an answer.. are you helping me or not.. don't say you are then stop writing back to me.. whatever.. I don't care.. well.. I do.. Anyways..

Went to Harrops today, some engineering company who specialize in car parts, making all this stuff which I know nothing about but.. yeah.. Was a pretty quick shoot and not exactly what I wanted.. I was after a more.. how we say.. structured style of shooting like back at the boat builders, these guys were a bit rushed and some of them didn't want their photos taken. It was ok, I got a few images. A lot of the people were like"why are you taking my photo" "who are you?" "where are you from?" all the typical shit.. Sorta walked around the factory floor with a guy and he walked around asking people if they wanted a photo or not, and when they agreed they were nervous and timid, left me not time, shoot and scoot. Hopefully some of them worked, didn't use any external lights, all natural lights.. well... natural artificial lights, which leave a disgusting colour cast and some shit weird colour banding.. 

I didn't use this photo for obvious reasons, but that's the shit banding thing or whatever you wanna call it from the fluro lights, I have a feeling its just the different wave lengths of light emitting from the fluro lights which gives crazy colours. If I shoot in quick succession you don't see the light, or if i over expose 1/3rd a stop its ok. Anyways, i'll show you some proper photos from the day.

I quite like this one but i'm not sure if it counts as a portrait considering you can't see his face.. I still like it. 

Shot a few more photos than these but I think these are the ones which probably worked out the best. I'm probably gonna have to re-edit a couple of those photos like the 2 in the middle, i think they might be a little hot and over-exposed a bit. But yeah.. I dunno.. Kinda wanting to do a few more portraits of industrial workers just to see how this whole series is going to work out. I'm really keen on the car yard to get back to me.. which he hasn't.. after i met him last week and he said he'd call me.. or the OTHER one who told me to call him, i left him 3 messages and still no call back... shit... it's too hard to organize these shoots, i've sent out like 10 emails to different places and only a handful have replied back... what can you do... i'll probs have to chase people up.. anyways.. that's it for now.