Friday, July 16, 2010


Is what i need. So its been a while since i've blogged or put anything onto this site, i've been working a bit.. or a lot, making money which I guess I can't complain about. I haven't had the chance to do any shooting which i've wanted to do for myself, had a shoot the other week for a wine company, it was okay, nothing special. 

This lack of motivation and time has made me a bit lazy and my endeavors to chase up on industrial based portraits has since waned. However having said that, I had a call from a boat building place which was happy for me to go down and do a few portraits which was good, haven't had a proper shoot in ages.

This is the first portrait I took, I was originally going to go with the idea of shooting my images only with a 50mm lens, I wanted to keep a certain consistency in my series of images, but as usual, I changed it and didn't follow the plan I had. Story of my life.. I shouldn't complain, being impulsive has gotten me a lot of good images. Simple set up, 2 x sb-600 up high with shoot through umbrella. D3s + 28-70 @ 2.8, wanted the real shallow DOF< probably should've stuck with the 50 1.8 and shot right open.. who knows. 

2nd image, I found this bloke to have more... character in his face than the other chap. His beard, paint on the clothes, weary face. Same set up, same lens. I'm feeling okay about this shoot, not the best, not the worst. I feel there is something missing in the images. I wanted a simple styled portrait, no posing, no smiling.. I don't know how successful this is as a start, that's for you to decide. Oh well..

Another shoot tomorrow, this time its for a baby.. I don't know how they found my site but they wanted a shoot which they planned months ago. Hopefully that goes well, maybe i'll show you some more pictures then =]

Until then,