Friday, June 4, 2010

back to weddings and shiz..

So i finally got back into shooting weddings, has been a good couple months and to be honest i'd sort of missed it. was good to get back to it. Had this job lined up about 3 months ago, Simon had mentioned it to me ages ago and its scary when 3 months becomes today! ah well.. photos..
Cute couple, Brian and Kazu from Japan. Pretty cute story. All i can say is that a simple letter from Australia to Japan reunited them after years of no contact amd eventuated to this wedding. Quite cute. Brian came of a bit pompous to start with but he's a good guy. Apparently when i got there Kazu said "i like the way you look, i like that' hmmm Simon talked me up and said some shit. Always good to get off on the right foot i say. 

Horses? yes, they are horses. Wedding was shot at Moonee Valley racecourse. Never been there before and for some reason something tells me it'll be the last. Horse racing officials are very... how we say.. anal.. Needed special passes to go anywhere and needed to be "accompanied" by officials everywhere we went.. hmmm strange. almost cult like.. whatever.. douchebags.. 

Kazu's mum straight from Osaka Japan. She was cute.

Decided to try things a little different this time, never shot photos like this before but it was a good time to try and experiment. good to widen your horizons. I know its been done before but something new for me. all good.

the whole gang from Japan. Wish i knew Japanese.. sigh..

AS luck would have it.. as soon as the ceremony started it began to rain a little.. gotta love Melbourne. 

But luckily it didn't dampen anyones spirits, esp the bride and groom. It didn't rain that hard which is good. just Drizzle. that shitty annoying rain where its like "are you gonna rain or not?!" that shitty rain..

all important kiss.

Don;t know what happened here but something made them laugh. Luckily i was facing them.

Love it when people come and do my job for me.. you'd think i was joking but i'm not. Makes my life easier, and time to snap people snapping people. one of those things i like doing. strange..

wish i had shot this on a crane or something. She was standing in middle of a circle of people. THought it looked really interesting. Wish i had of shot it from a high angle to really get that feeling of closure.. oh well.. what can you do.

cute kid. i wanted a photo of Kazu and Brian, but he wanted to stick his head up against the glass. Pissed me off at first as he ruined my shot.. kinda glad he did now.

i lol'd

decided to actually stay clear for the cake cutting for once. I kept the 70-200 on and let Simon shoot up close. Decided it's a better way to shoot these days. Work as a team. let him do what he has to do. trust.. kind of hard when you normally shoot solo.. but.. we're a team.

ok.. i'll leave the weddings there for now.. just finished batching these to JPEG so you guys are lucky to see them so soon! need to mail it out to Sim tomoz.. hmmm 1.5gb for 57images.. fk .PSD files are large.. ANYWAYS.. on other news.. went back to the CFA the other day.. yesterday..
heres a quick snaps to leave you guys with. Enjoy. until next time.

- Chris.

Ok a shit load of photos but Enjoy guys.