Friday, May 28, 2010


Thunder! ahhh Band of Brothers.. gotten into a war mood, helping kiwi with some footage. Got a big intro to start filming soon. see how it goes. So... photos. Been CFA lately, gotten into the good stuff, started playing with fire. Last three weeks of the training and earlier this week i'd been htere till about midnight shooting the fires. pretty fkn amazing.

It gets hot.. feels like you're in hell.. looks like hell, but was bloody fun.

Love when they set the cars on fire, air smelled like burnt plastic and rubber.. yummm. Bitta kerosene helps with the fire going.

Looks like snow? well its not.. it WAS foggy up there.. very, and the foam they used in the water does make it look like snow. was quite bizarre.

Fire does make things look better. mmmm

something about this photo i've always liked.. i dunno.. maybe the colour contrasts of yellow and blue, who knows. That sack of crap in the photo? its a 'body' they train to save casualties all the time.

love fire, maybe a bit of a pyromaniac but thats cool.. i just wont burn shit lol.. but fire is a beautiful thing, amazing, spell binding, could watch it all day.

<3 this one.

This reminds me a bit of a movie still, maybe its that beam of light through the fog, who knows. but i stood there for a while waiting for that ONE guy to walk into the beam of light, luckily i didnt have to wait too long.

one of the last fires we had that night, was around 11pm and they set everything on fire... let me tell you.. hell on earth. i have footage of it, may upload it oneday. wanting to make a nice video at the end of this since i've been getting into video.. yeah i know.. whatever.. but we'll see how it goes.. Anyways, there is only a small sample of the photos i took the last few days. was pretty good fun.. more to come, more movies to film for WK... see how it all goes...