Sunday, May 16, 2010

in hiding

Is where i've been for a while now, i think my last post would've been nearly a month ago? shit i dunno.. a while anyways.. so i've been shooting, a little.. Been back at the CFA lately and had a few more shots there, with some pretty good results. Gonna go back next week where they will start playing with fire, can't wait for that one!

So i've been doing a few things lately which aren't exactly related to me. Been DOP'ing for Kiwi's honours films which has been good fun. I quiet enjoy DOP'ing i think doing photography probably helps a bit, and it gives kiwi the opportunity to focus on directing.

A couple of stills from the shoot "Going Home" and our main character "Lee" played by Daniel Wu, can't wait to see the final product, looking good so far.

So like i mentioned earlier, i went back to the CFA and took some new shots, this time they were training in chemical suits, which was a lot different to what i've been seeing the past few times i've been up. Next week they start playing with fire. should be fun. hopefully i have time to go, gonna be a busy week school wise next week. worst.

So full chemical training, had the suits on and they had to get washed off each time, like they would in real life.

Don't worry, thats just food dye, but it is quite convincing. 

As well as shooting CFA i've just finished doing a shoot for my mates band "Sheer Abandon" can myspace that shiz. Not my kinda music but good guys. used Kiwis basement as the make shift studio and i think it adds to their kind of style.

Very David Hill style look, oversharpened contrasty images, they like it. That's all that matters. 
ANyways that's pretty much what i've been doing lately. Got a movie coming up, well i'm gonna be filming it for uni, you'll see it soon.. I like how i blog instead of write essays.. i'm a photographer, why write essays.. ffs.. anyways.. enjoy