Sunday, February 10, 2013

Late to the party - again

I'm a photographer - obviously, I get paid to take photos everyday. It's a passion, something I love and I'm fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to fulfil my university degree and be a news photographer.

I take photos everyday. I mean a lot of photos everyday. The problem is that I rarely shoot for myself - if ever. I've been in Central Queensland for nearly 18 months now and the sad thing is, i've only gone to take photos for myself a handful of times, maybe four at most. Why? I'm not sure, that's why i've decided to push myself, set myself a goal and see if I can see it through.

As the title suggests, I'm late to the party. The party i'm late to is the Project 365 party, taking a photo everyday for.. you guessed it, 365 days. Why am I doing this? Because I don't shoot for myself anymore. I shoot photos - good photos for work, but none for me. I need to push myself to be creative, maintain the fire and desire to want to experiment and explore like I used to in the old days. Back then, i'd have a crazy idea in my head and run to the car and drive to a place that i'd have envisioned in my head and just go and take the photo, no matter the time - literally.

I'm hoping that this project will keep me thinking creatively and to keep things simple, the way it used to be. No need to worry about big lenses, fast glass, flash all that jazz, just good old simple creative imagery. I'm not even going to use my DSLR.

Another benefit of this project is at least it will force me to maintain this blog more regularly rather than the sporadic random posts I do now. I hope.

So, we'll start with:

- 1/365

Sony NEX 5n, Fujian 35mm.