Sunday, April 6, 2014

My first week with the X100s

Like I mentioned in my last post, I bought an X100s. I was meant to get a black one, but they ran out, so they sent me a silver one instead. I'm personally not a fan of the panda look, but it's not too bad the more I look at it. I may consider painting the silver black.. we'll have to wait and see.

There were a few cameras I was considering before I went and bought myself the X100s, honestly, it probably wasn't even that high on my list of "cameras I want." The few cameras I was looking at included the Sony A6000, NEX6, Fuji XE2, Fuji XT1 and even the Nikon Df..

What I liked about those cameras was that they all had interchangeable lenses and were small and light, perfect for travelling, one of the reasons I bought the NEX 5n in the first place. Although I really REALLY liked the Fuji line, it meant I would have to buy more lenses, more gear, more accessories, more money. The thing that i've found about cameras is that, you always want more, even when you think have enough - it never is.

The beauty of the X100s is that you buy a beautiful 35mm f2 lens that comes with a camera body. The way I looked at it was that the X100s would be the perfect travel camera because that's all I would need to take with me, wouldn't have to worry about which lenses to take because there only is one lens.

The X100s isn't very big, certainly smaller and lighter than it looks in photos. It's a little bit bigger than the 5n, but this has the EVF/OVF built in, which adds a little height to the overall size.

I went back to Melbourne last week and I took the Fuji for its first test run. I've never restricted myself to a 35mm lens before, i've always been a 50mm kinda guy, but after using the X100s for just over a week now, I can safely say that i'm leaning towards the 35mm camp. The 35mm lens means I have to get closer to my subject which doesn't bother me really as it means I can be more intimate, more emotion from the shot, but the 35mm also gives you enough width to fit more into the frame than the 50mm, those extra 15mm's let you tell a completely different story.

Anyway, as this isn't really a review of a camera or anything as I don't think i've really had enough time with it yet to give a review or anything. However as an initial look and thoughts on the camera, i'm damn glad I made the jump to the X100s. The idea of camera that just takes pictures without any finicky menu's or buttons is really quite refreshing.

The X100s is what the Nikon Df wants to be.

I mentioned I liked to use flash right? One of the main reasons I went for the Fuji was for the beautiful little leaf shutter. How can you not love overpowering the sun at any shutter speed. damnnnnn

Well that was my first look at the X100s, definitely more to come.