Tuesday, April 6, 2010


white trash, redneck bushpigs is what a group of girls called some of the guys at the rodeo i attended last week with Kiwi. The rodeo was down at Stawell and let me tell you.. certainly was something.. different.. being the only 2 token asians for 99% of the day at the rodeo was a pretty daunting thing. There were about 2-3000 people there? not bad. lots of fun lots of Aussie bogans, scary at times, but most of the time they were a good laugh.

I've had a few people ask me "hey chris, howcome you went to shoot a rodeo down in Stawell?" how do i answer that? well.. the only thing i can think of is.. cos i can? haha nah i dunno.. i was jsut going through the net on things that looked awesome and what i could shoot and for some reason the rodeo ust popped in mind. Was a bit of work trying to find out where rodeos were in Victoria, as i'd never been to one or yet alone heard of many rodeo events. but they're huge.

got pretty close to the action. my cameras are due for a clean..

Very lady like behaviour. I think she asked him to buy her another drink, he said "fk off" she kicked him. Class all round.

lets not forget what rodeo is really about. There was alot of cattle rustling and of course the horse and bull riding. which was pretty fun to watch. Got pretty close and kept the 70-200 on the D80 all day. I'm happy the AF was fast and accurate enough to keep up with what i wanted. 

bro wasn't too happy. Horse fell under him and rolled over him. but he was alright. don't think he was happy that he fell off thought... death stare..  The rodeo continued on till about 930 that night, a lot of people had already head of and started making fires.. Kiwi and I walked past a few holes inthe ground and laughed as to what they were. the girls who said the guys were bushpigs, explained that they were burning pits "where the bush pigs burn all there shit in there and throw shit at you as you walk past." 

There was free camping at the rodeo. A few people took up that offer and let rip with their little bon fires.

Camping just next to the rodeo arena. 

Overall was a really good night. Got about 60 images from that night which isn't bad for a days shooting. We were planning on camping that night as well, however i sorta finished what i wanted to do in a day.. I thought that all the guys would go to a pub or something after the rodeo, but.. there was noting there.. just a rodeo in the middle of nowhere.. Not to worry.. next time. Anyways, hope all's well, back to shooting the CFA tomorrow and probably staying over at a near by motel for a 2 day shoot. we'll see how that goes! 

until then.