Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And now i'm going to show another..

wedding? no.. no weddings today.. but i am shooting another on Sunday.. busy busy week ahead.. anyways, like i said last week i'd try to get some CFA photos up. *hooray* So went up on Tuesday and spent a whole day there shooting. They were only just starting their practical training and this day was spent by blindfolding the recruits and making them do drills in the dark (pun intended)

Nice guys, let me roam around and do what i want. Had a quick induction to assure that i am ready to go on the 'hot fire' exercises. I got given a fireman suit which i'm pretty stoked about. I'll get a photo of it soon, overalls, jacket, helmet and gloves. best.

It's the old uniform so it looks pretty retro. The new one is a bone colour and thye are 3k a set. the recruits get 4... damn.. Like the Army, these guys march around all over the place

Pretty nice place at the CFA training grounds, like a hotel, there's rec. areas and i get free food! best.. can stay for lunch and dinner. Home cooked meals. 

Basically today was all about the recruits learning how to use their breathing apparatuses and walking around blind. the theory is that, if you can do it blind you can do it anytime. true i suppose. there's lots of photos so i'll just post a few that i like.

this reminded me of a line of ducklings haha

Search and rescue in the dark. 

Ok, all that from one day isn't bad. Shot 99% of the shots on the D3s which i must say is AWESOME.. if i haven't mentioned that already. Those last 3 shots were shot at 8000iso and look good to me. Got about 36 keepers from the first day, so im pretty confident i'll get a few good shots for the rest of the time i'm up there. Nice guys, looking forward to going back up. Next Wed, hopefully stay over till Thursday. see how we go. Anyways, watch this space for more CFA and weddings.. 

Happy Easter.