Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Wedding

So, for those who keep up to date with me, i've gotten a gig as a 2nd shooter for weddings. Had my first gig last month and i tell you what.. its tough.. running around trying to be at the right place at the right time, focus, aperture, shutter speed, composition.. everything running at 1000 miles an hour.. sure, i've shot doco's before, but.. when i do that, i'm in my element.. cool, calm, clear idea of what i want. There's no pressure but for me to succeed.. weddings.. it's my neck and THEIR DAY if i stuff up.. argh... anyways.. had a go at it, and i did it my style.. doco.. 

The 28-70 is working well on FX, first "proper" run with it, and it's wide enough. most of the time. I'm still thinking about investing in either 17-35 or 16-35.. who knows.. wait till i get the money first.. still need the SU-800 first.. fk..

Shallow as it sounds, weddings don't look awesome unless you have awesome looking brides and grooms. This one was.. one of those.. But hey, as long as they think they look good. job complete.
Loving the 2.8 on FX. DOF just fades out, loving it. Funny thing, i thought that having a DX and FX body would compliment nicely, but i'll have to tell ya.. once you go FX.. man.. never wanna go back. Seriously considering a D700.. i'm happy to lose the "reach" on my longer lenses for the versatility of FX, and better noise control.

I'm quite enjoying being second shooter. Less pressure and the ability to just roam around and snap at things which Simon misses (photog)

Simon. Number 1 shooter. There's not much to it really being a second. Just get the FK out of his way if he's shooting. I made sure of this by staying behind him. playing it safe.

These kind of shots are what i'm pretty much paid to do lol.

like mentioned earlier, as a second i'm out of Simons wat when he shoots. No i didn't tell them to look at the sky like hero's, Simon was up on a ladder doing a high vantage shot, so.. being a 2nd, stay low and snap away!

Different angle from Simons but it's nice to have choice. So thats it for now kids.. Weddings.. who woulda thought.. I'm still not used to it yet, but i'm getting used to it. Got another gig tomorrow, another trial, before my first proper paid gig for Simon. don't wanna look like a noob >_< Anyways, i'll keep you all posted. CFA and circus shots up soon perhaps? we'll see how we go. Also, although early days. Might be off to HK to work by January.. but hush hush for now....