Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So this might just become..

a wedding blog? lol i hope not.. but i wouldn't be surprised if it did.. i mean, i probably am shooting more weddings currently than assignments. Will be shooting my CFA assignment next Tuesday, so look out for that one, hope it doesn't fail like my circus one... worst.. I need to get in contact with some industries. I've emailed a rodeo, and iron foundry, might need to chase them instead..

Anyways, another wedding, 19/3/10 this one was more organized and a little easier for the shoot. Things didn't change within the last second, better looking..... place...

The D3s certainly does do well in low light situations, Most of the shots which were indoors were shot around 6400iso. Having the ability to shoot this ISO really does make a huge difference. I'm not a fan for on camera flash and more into the 'natural' look and lighting of things. 

My friend made a really god point with some of my photos... there's a god damn mother f*cken fan in some of them.. I didn't notice it until i started shooting and the ceremony started.. if i REALLY have to, i may clone it out. Well i'll Simon to do it.. 

Yeah that'll do for now, just a quick look into some of the photos i picked out for Simon. I like the going into weddings taking it like a documentary and doing it in a real documentary style. Am struggling to find a reason to shoot my D80 now in wedding situations, but i really need the 2nd body when shooting. If this wedding photography gets serious and I start getting some income from this, a D700 is looking really tempting. Anyways, that's all for now. Until next time.. and maybe another wedding..