Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from nothing..

Hello friends and whoever else reads this/.. yeah its been a while since i put anything up here, been busy working, and.. that's about it.. haven't shot in over a month which is NOT a good thing to do considering i'm graduating at the end of this year.. eek.. anyways.. this shoot was organised over 3 months ago, before i went on my trip to Japan. Had emailed Steg engineering as part of my series on industrial work places and thy were nice enough to reply and let me go down and have a shoot. Today was the day.. out in Hastings.. 65km out THAT way.. anyways.. photos.

First photograph i took was of this guy. Kevin aka Kev. top bloke, wanted to do a calendar shoot of the boys at Steg engineering after being inspired by the naked lady calendar hanging up at his work station. Felt strange shooting something.. i like.. after have a month off.. well.. since i got back from Japan really.. been doing a lot of video work.. but that's a different story.

 Kev asked if i wanted to hear something scream.. let this thing whirl for a while and it made a God awful screeching sound. i think he was enjoying himself.

 it was only a small workshop, would have been about 7 people in there max. They make most of the things for the steel company up the road, OneSteel i think it is.. oh well.. whatever.. they'd never let me shoot with them.

not so happy about this portrait.. sort of rushed it, probably should've taken more time with this one before i took it, most probably wont be using this one, i think the first portrait is a lot stronger and tells more than this one. But, we'll see. 

Quite like this photo as well. the series will be made up of about 4 images, so... i guess it'll be 4 out of these 8.. if there's 4 to be chosen.. i hope there is.. i think there is.. you cn make up your own minds on which ones you like or don't like.. anyways.. sent off like 10 emails last night.. got 1 reply.. "thanks for the email, great photos but we're not keen" sigh.. thanks for that... oh well, 1 down 9 to go.. lets hope i can get more before i graduate and time runs out.. need to print them too as well as other shit assignments.. ok... till next time..