Monday, November 15, 2010

New beginnings.

Hello again.. It's been a while.. so whats been happening.. lost a job, no money, finished uni, need a job, need money.. nice how the world just goes around in a big circle and you end up where you started.

Got a degree, i take photos for a living.. what goods a piece of paper without a job... or a job without a piece of paper.. sigh.. who knows.. who cares.. anyways.. uni is done.. forever.. i hope.. its been a tough 3 years but everything is finished.. it feels weird.. no direction, no goal no objective to fullfil.. OH WELL... anyways.. back to what i was here to do.. got a new Macbook Pro.. is very nice.. 17" i7.. i like it.. need to give it a real work out.. but having said that.. Adobe premiere really kills it.. stupid Adobe..  well after taking lots of PJ doco shots i finally got the chance to take photos in which III wanted to take photos of.. was standing on my balcony this morning and noticed the small tree at the front of our house which was swarming with life. Bees, hover flies, wasps, birds.. everything..

anyways.. D3s, extension tubes, 50mm 1.8, speedlight. went out and took some snaps.

Can get pretty close to things with the extension tubes.. hardest part is tryna lock focus when you are that close to everything. luckily for a few shots it paid off. This is just one of those little moths which fly around fields and such like that. It was sitting on the head of one of those... wheat looking things.. i dunno.. next time you go for a walk you'll see them.. long bits of straw like things... yeah.. doesn't matter.. lol 

as mentioned earlier, the little hover flies.. you might have seen them around before.. te little things like dragon flies which just.. hover around and move shit fast. zig zagging thru the air.. hard to shoot these little bastards.. hard to focus on something that small and that fast. The extension tubes are tricky to focus with.. more like a magnifying glass and having to physically move back and forth to hit focus. Luckily he wasn't moving. 

Unlike this guy.. fluke.. i tell you that.. machine guy.. and wishful praying result in fluke shots like these.. got a few in focus in this sequence, but this one i liked the best, can see his wings. Have always wanted a shot of something in flight and with such detail.. was pretty lucky i guess.. but i suppose all photography is about luck.. well.. the amazing ones anyways.. Henri Cartier Bresson rings a bell.. luck, timing, patience.. whatever.. same shit.. uni's finished.. don't need to care anymore.. Had a bitta fill light in this to make him "pop" a little more. not bad.. will definitely try for more macro stuff later this year. love macro.. always have.. maybe should invest in a macro lens? 

And lastly.. took this one while taking Jack for a walk.. for those who are unfamiliar with Jack he is best friend. 4 legged, stupid faced big nosed and lanky legged best friend. WEll yeah... took this one while walking HIM and yeah... Jack likes walking but doesn't like waiting for me when i take photos.. lies there and barks at me if i don't walk around with him.. i thought this photo was too important to miss. This fly would have been.. half the size of a grain of rice in real life, if not smaller, shows to prove how close these extension tubes can get. Anyways i like the colour of it. so... nice.. 

Any hoo, thats all i had to show and share really.. have done some other free lancing work, one with an engineering firm, which i need to have screened before i can show you the images, and then another one with some architect wanting to start his own firm.. ah well.. we'll see.. anyways... that's it for now.. i'll blog a bit more soon i hope.. 

Ciao for now. 

P.s Jacks down there