Monday, July 25, 2011

for the sake of it.

Not very good at converting black and white images but i've always wanted to try it. I don't have the patience to sit and try to tweak channels and tones to get the b/w I want.. maybe i should just buy Nik Silver Effex Pro... but I don't like to pay.. this will have to do for now.. They are old photos I found lying around, thought they'd look good in mono.

Colour cos I can. 

I've been busy editing a bit of architectural stuff. I'm not sure if i've ever put any of it up but I do a bit of work wit han architect. It's good fun and i'm trying to get more work with more architects, stayed up till 4am sending out emails.. now we wait. already got 2 knock backs! hai... 

I made them with white borders in my PDF, so they may look a little funny here. Anyways, thought I might as well post something since i haven't in a while..