Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sorry for being away.. but..

I've gotten a job as a photojournalist, for those who don't know. Bit the bullet and made my way up north to QLD where i now live shooting news everyday. Do I love it? definitely!

It has always been a goal in my life to pursue a career in photography, better yet, photojournalism. It's been a busy few weeks and I must say, getting paid to shoot everyday is better than I ever thought it' be.

It's only been 5 weeks since i've started this new job, but its gone by so fast. My first few days were pretty nerve racking and the pressure of performing and impressing editors and co workers was a big thing. But luckily (I guess) they knew I came from RMIT and had tertiary training in photography and let me do a lot of things my own way, which I really appreciated. TO see my name for the first time in print was something quite special and I guess i'll never forget that feeling.

 Anyways, here's just a small sample of what i've been up to.

Having graduated from RMIT and learning all the things that i've learnt, I must admit it has made a difference.. 12 months ago had you of asked me, i'd have said no.. RMIT was just an excuse to go to uni and get a degree in a craft anyone can do.. But you'd be surprised how much you seem to remember when you're out and about. Obviously i'll get better as I go, but the fundamentals are there. 

But back to the photos.. As you can see, there is a wide variety of different photos ranging from my first ever car crash (non fatal) and a wide variety of sports and environmental portraits. I got crucified back home for having a lack of sports photography in my portfolio but i'm glad to say this is now a problem of the past. I'm getting more creative and going back to my love of using external flash during my portraits, which is something I want to maintain and keep a certain look to the images which i've been so used to shooting.

Hopefully, now that i've got a lot to shoot, i can keep this blog more updated than what I have this past year.. such a shame.. anyways. until then.