Monday, November 21, 2011

November 16-20

SO it was a pretty slow week this week. Nothing happened, well, nothing too exciting anyway. The week started with a few basic portraits with a lot of emphasis on Christmas and doing things leading up to the day.

This was a pretty simple story from the Salvation Army and how we should all adopt a family this year and give to those in need.. fluff.

Robb Kidd is the local DJ in Gladstone with Zinc radio. sorta like a rock station and such.. I personally haven't listened to it, maybe because its on AM, but it's pretty big around here. Our editor is on there every morning giving the morning news and telling Gladstone what's in the paper for the day. This was for Xmas/Movember.. more fluff.

Now some more interesting stuff. These are probably my favourite shots of the week. These kids are pretty talented. They're both 15 but are heading to the UK to participate in the EPL training academy or something along those lines. They'll be there for 2 weeks, representing QLD and hanging out with the pros and learning a few tips while there.

The lighting is pretty much the reason why I like the shots. The sun was in a nice position, low and behind the subjects, creating nice natural rim/hair light on them, which makes them jump out. I added 2 flashes to the right of them (our left) set them at 85mm and fired them both off at about 1/2 power, not too much, but enough to make them stand out and look quite natural. Shot it with the 70-200 at about 200mm to get the real nice bokeh and to isolate them from the background. Had originally started with the 28-70 but the look just wasn't there. Really like this shot. Technically anyway. Something i'll keep in my folio. 

Again the week included sports. Cricket. same old same old. Tried to try a few new things but in the end, all the same.

This was actually shot before Cricket, but I can't be bothered switching them around. So this story, was some 18 year old girl who has an online store and she's since become quite successful in Gladstone selling ladies clothing. Again used some off camera lighting again, definitely my favourite thing to do when I get the time. I like these editorial shoots as it gives me time to play with lighting and time to chat with the subjects and experiment. This was with 2 lights again, one to the left and one to the right. The one on the left was aimed at her back, to give a nice rim light around her hair and arms, while the other, aimed at her face to light up the other side.

Again, shot with the 70-200 at around f4. I've found that 2.8 can be a bit hit or miss and I don't have the luxury to reshoot images if they're soft or out of focus. Really should shoot 5.6 to be safe. but, hey, it's working for me now. 

Shot some ladies only tea party as well this week. Again used off camera lighting. Can't tell too much in this shot (which i like) but the lights are set up to the left, bouncing off the wall which gives a nice soft light around her and in the room. Very natural looking, but definitely adds to the image. 

They had a small fashion show. Nothing special. I just shot. Same lighting set up. nice soft light.  Now the coolest thing i've shot this week and for a long time was, believe it or not, remote control car racing. very, very cool. These things get up to 80km/h and they flew around this race track. Got some massive hang time as well, as you can tell in the images.

The first few shots were done with the long lens, got some nice tight isolating shots which really showed the cars flying through the air without too much distraction in the background. Eventually the shots all looked too similar, so I wanted to try something new and got onto the race track. Chucked on the 16-35, wide angle lens and did some pretty cool low angle stuff. I shot the SHIT out of this event. Ended up with about 500+ photos of these cars flying around, and they flew pretty close past my head. Big adrenaline rush! On the wide angle lens, things look a lot further away than what they really are. These cars would have been about 30cm away from the front of the lens, while flying through the air at speeds upwards of 60km/h. Really really cool stuff.

This one ended up on the front page. Who'd have guessed that RC racing would make it to the front page. Ha! The problem about shooting  really wide, was that the shallow Depth of Field that I usually use to isolate subjects became non existant. Everything becomes sharp, and shooting at 'safe f8' made everything from me to infinity, relatively sharp. The hard part was that the cars, if in the wrong place, can hide into the background and hard to distinguish. So the shots that really stood out are when the cars are contrast in the clear blue sky. 

Anyway. Definitely the coolest thing i've shot this week. Really got the heart pumping fast with all those cars flying around, dirt and dust being kicked up. real fun. So, that's the week. Hasn't been too exciting but work is work. They pay me to shoot. Gots to do it! Anyway, until next week, all the best. I'll leave you all with a picture of a dog named Jemima and some drunk girl tryna show me her boobs.. Because I can.