Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly wrap up.

Like I promised, i'd keep my blog more up to date now, since i've got a lot to shoot and no lack of motivation. So whats been happening in Gladstone this week?

Started the week with the standard R1 portrait (readers first) it's apparently an APN term which essentially means "take a photo of someone that the readers will relate to."

This guy, who owns a fishing charter company in Gladstone is feeling the pinch and loss of business due to the Gladstone harbour and sick fish fiasco. He runs his business out in the reefs, away from all the sick fish and dirty water and basically wanted his photo in the paper to say "Hey where I take you is safe!"

Remembrance day was a pretty big thing in Gladstone this week an quite a sombre experience. Not sure exactly why, but I guess it had something to do with all the old diggers standing around, the laying of the wreaths and some lady singing really opera-like sad songs, all added to the experience.

This is my favourite shot of the day. This old fella who's obviously seen some pretty horrific things in his life, seeing many of his friends die and maimed for this country. He slowly waddled up to the statue, lay his wreath and gave a salute. A great gesture to those who never made it home. Luckily for me, this made front cover. Editor was happy. Can't ask for too much more than that. I was summoned to her office where she told me the good news, after thinking "shit what have I done now.." 

We do a section called 'Me and My Ride.' essentially, people showing off their cars and fancy stuff like that. This week to my surprise and excitement we didn't shoot a car. We shot....

A 100 tonne crane. Really nice guy and really fun to shoot. I've been sneaky and been using my own gear to shoot for the past few weeks. Not that there's anything wrong with the D300s.. well there is.. but.. I've been so comfortable using my gear and at the end of the day.. I'm working towards my folio. Not going to give up an image for nobody! 

Been playing with a lot of flash lately and in this image I stuck a flash on the passengers side and set it off with the SU-800 Commander unit. You might be able to see the flash going off on the LHS. 

The weekend came and with that brings more sport, this week I went back to softball, but this time it was a higher grade and man, these girls can play. They got really into the game as well. Won't bore you with too many softball images, they're all similar to last weeks ones any way, but i'll show you this one. Which I fluked. Wasn't paying attention and then all of a sudden. Screaming and yelling. swing the 70-200 f2.8 across and machine gun away. Luckily a few frames were in focus and I got a usable enough shot. Shame about the white balance though. 

Which brings us to today.. nothing too exciting, except I got to go to my first house fire. House was already extinguished by the time we got there, but got a few good shots. This being the favourite of the series. 

And this picture will be front page for tomorrows paper =] happy days. I've finally started getting a few front pages that i'm happy with! 

Anyway that pretty much sums up my adventures in GLA this week. Hope you've enjoyed seeing what I do and the people that live in this town! I forgot to add in a picture last week from Gladstone's cup week, which i'll leave you all with to look at and enjoy. Until next week.