Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21

It's been a pretty slow week so I don't have too much to show. I mentioned in my last post about the fatal that I photographed, so I guess I may as well start off from there.

This was a pretty tragic accident. The ute, on the right, took on some traffic, crossed some double lines, tried to take over the cars, saw some incoming traffic and swerved back into the lane he was originally in. When he got back in the lane he swiped another car, hit a truck then went head on into this van. The driver of the van died instantly with the ute driver surviving. The van is covered up with tarps as the driver was still inside upon our arrival.

I find it strange that amongst all this carnage and death, it looks so peaceful and beautiful in the background. The low setting sunlight gives the grass a beautiful golden shimmer.

You can see by the markers the car skidded a long distance before finally hitting the van. 

The beauty of photography is that it has the power to lie. Unlike video or moving images, photographers capture an instance, a moment in time. This image appears as the police man is taken by the scene and he leaves with his hand over his mouth. The truth is, he's coughing. That's it. Being news photographers is a pretty powerful position, we have the power to shoot an image in a different light and be biased the way it looks and tell a completely different story. 

I didn't actually shoot that much from this fatal. At other accidents i've been at I normally shoot the crap out of it. Lots of different angles and views, but for this one, it was different. I came back to the office and I think I only had about 10-12 images. Not as many as usual. Enough of the fatal. 

Went to a small town the other week called Builyan. There's a main street, a few houses and a school. The school has 20 students from prep - year 7. This is the Principle teacher Damien Hoare, we were promoting the town and I guess we started at the school. Really nice school considering it's out in the bush. 

Nothing too special in this shot. Just the local pub in Builyan. 

Last week we did a story about people who have a phobia for dentists, can't remember what it's called but its something like dentophobia. something along those lines. We wanted to make a menacing looking photo of the dentist and we asked him to put on some scary props to add to the image. He popped on some head piece and magnifying glasses that make him look super creepy. He gave a good facial expression too that really helps. I placed the flash under the Dentists face which sorta gives him a scary shadow behind him but also adds shadows on his face that make him look freaky. Kinda like when you put a torch under your chin when telling ghost stories. I had a bit of fun back in the office and shopped one up just for fun. 

This is Hippo. Not his real name but he goes by the name. He is planning to ride around Australia to build awareness of cancer. The plan is to raise funds so he can build houses for families who are dealing with cancer. Kind of like the Ronald McDonald houses, but they have an age limit, where people who are under a certain age are allowed to stay there. He wants to build houses for adults and not just children. He wanted to do it as he lost his wife a few years ago to cancer. He wasn't allowed to live in the Ronald McDonald houses as his wife was not a child. People need to be with their loved ones when they are going through a tough time in their lives.

Last image. nothing too special. 

Promoting some gallery that is opening in the next few months.

I'm done. There isn't really much to say this post. Been a quiet few weeks. Bit uninspired. Hopefully the next few weeks will be more exciting and I can give you some more photos! until next time.