Wednesday, June 20, 2012

High Flyers

As usual i've been a bit lazy with this blog and haven't posted in over a month nearly. Been a bit uninspired with the blog, not work, which is a nice change for once. Obviously i've been up to a lot of mischief in the past month and taken lots and lots of photos but not many were a real stand out. Luckily for you i've picked a few photos that I liked.

Amazingly and to my surprise there was an airshow in Gladstone, well it wasn't Gladstone but one of the surrounding regions. This was a Mig15 that some dude owned, he apparently bought it at an auction and he flies it around. Go figure. Having said that though, this was the last flight for the Mig 15, it was donated to the Air Field and now it lives there as a museum/display piece for people to awe over for years. I don't remember the last time I went to an air show, could've been when I was about 10 with my old man, but man, it's pretty damn cool. I've always loved planes and been in awe of their ability to 1) even fly and 2) the grace and beauty of them while they fly.

This jet was a different story, the speed was phenomenal, sure its a 50 nearly 60 year old plane but it flew by in a heart beat and all you'd hear is a 'whoosh' then a second delay and 'roar' from the engine. This thing was FAST and nimble, just rolling over in the air, looked so amazing. Good fun. shot the shit out of it.

So here is the pilot and his son. They landed and taxied over to a spot and they all got out to a large crowd who were asking questions about the plane, when I saw the sun come out from clouds and cast a beautiful orange glow on their faces. I used my 'authoritative' voice and asked the people to kindly move away for a quick second whilst i took the photo. Upon asking the people to move I got a few 'why's" from people, I just said "Observer, it'll be two seconds." some people annoy me, however i'm happy with the shot. 

Just a little artsy shot to finish the day. He is a little bear inside the cockpit of some pilots plane. I thought it was cute. 

From high flying planes to dead seagulls. We got a call from a local resident who noticed dead seagulls on the beach, I thought nothing of it and presumed it was just some person with nothing better to do than call the Observer, so obviously I was sent out on a 'mission' to investigate the dead gulls. When I got there, damn, there were dead gulls.. lots of them.. I walked about 20m of the beach and came across 6-8 dead seagulls, they didn't look like they'd been there for a while, they were still looking quite fresh. The gulls were just lying there, on the beach, some on the footpath and a couple next to each other. I've never seen THAT many dead birds in such a small area, not sure if it was suspect or not but I did feel sorry for them.

Not much to the photo below, just a disgruntled trucker who's not happy with the state of the roads in Gladstone. He was a good poser. turned out pretty good. Flash camera right. added a bit of fill. Nice and easy. 

The Mount Larcom show is coming up (June 23/24) I assume i'll be shooting it and i'm getting pretty excited about it. Apparently it's one of the biggest events in Gladstone? There's gonna be like, wood choppers, goats, piglets, stalls, lots of good stuff. Anyway, this was a preview piece we did in lead up to the event. The guy on the left is Craig Butler, he ran for Mayor a few months ago, lost by a few hundred votes, maybe not even. Now he's running the Larcom Show, well, he has been for the past 19 years or so. I like this shot. It's simple, basic, but still tells a bit of a story. I really like the lighting most of all. Flash to camera right just to fill them out in the shadows. The natural hair light from the sun and fill flash almost gives it a very editorial look. Diggin' it. 

Quint-essential sport shots. League and junior soccer 

I like this photo cos the girl is kicking ass with the ball and poor young mate is lying on the floor haha.

Got to go sailing for the first time the other day, really enjoyed it and had an opportunity to shoot lots of cool photos. This one is kind of my favourite. I'm not sure why.. just the angle, the sail, nice blue sky? who knows. I like. 

Had to wake up at 6am the other day after finishing work at 9:30 (2130) not fun. Had to cover the morning markets in Gladstone, was hating life, too early, too cold and not enough sleep, but I did manage to get a nice shot of this young girl helping her mum grab groceries in the morning. Nice colours, nice light and a beautiful smile doesn't hurt either.

These two boys happened by chance, I was in Lowmead (2hrs from GLA) doing a shoot on Trial Bike riding, on the way home I saw a goat in the middle of the road, sitting under a street sign minding his own business, I immediately pulled over (as you do upon seeing a goat in the road) and started snapping away, these two boys came out and I asked if it was their goat. It wasn't theirs but their aunties, so i was like "right, lets get a photo with the goat!" unfortunately in the boys excitement they startled the goat so he ran away.. seeing that I told them i'd photograph them, I had to find another cool photo we could use, luckily their dog which was also walking around on the street, came over and we used him as a prop instead.

Gotta love random happenings.