Saturday, November 16, 2013

Settling in

When I first came to the Mercury I had a pretty hard time adjusting to a new camera system, coming from Nikon my whole life, i'd probably only handled a Canon camera less than half a dozen times - really.  I was pretty annoyed when I was forced to use Canon cameras, a lot of it had to do with not knowing how to use the damn things. However, things have changed and i've gotten used to it pretty well - I must admit i've learned to like the damn wheel on the back of the camera...

I've always been a lover and user of using flash photography, in particular, off camera flash. When I came to the Merc there was no trigger for me to do my off camera flash firing. They gave me 3 flashes where I could master one of the flashes to slave the other 2, however, this only worked sometimes if lucky. It required a direct line of sight from the master flash to the slaves but wouldn't work if the slave was out in the sun, where the sun would confuse the flash so it wouldn't fire - worst.  Learning a new camera system and not being able to use off camera flash like I wanted to, I think, made the first few weeks the hardest for me as I wasn't able to get the shots that I had so clearly imagined in my head. In Gladstone I had my setup, sure it was crude and crummy but it worked, I was comfortable, here at the Merc, I had none of that. Long story short. I bought some wireless triggers for the flashes and damn! can I say it's made a world of difference, not just technically, but creatively as well.

Long story short - I went and bought some cheapo chinese radio triggers. I have nothing to say about them except, they just work. period. I might do a review about them next week - actually I will. But in the mean time here are some photos I took in the past 2 weeks using the triggers. Enjoy.

So NRL is a pretty big deal around here, this guy's meant to be alright. I wouldn't have a clue who he is. It's definitely going to be interesting in the future when I meet NRL stars and have no idea who they are. #victorianproblems #aflisbetterthanleague 

So last week i had the tough job of photographing surfing. I know, tough, but someone has to do it. I'd never done it before and I went out with the 600mm lens. That thing is stupid big and stupid heavy. I didn't take a monopod because i'm an idiot. Anyway it's pretty fun, but it makes it hard when you don't really know anything about surfing, but, not bad for my first try I reckon.

Okay, short and sweet, just the way I like it.

Until next time,