Monday, February 15, 2010


Sorry guys, its been a while since i lasted posted. Been a bit busy/nothing to shoot. But i went to Werribee open range zoo the other day and took a few snaps. Nothing super awesome.. like.. it's a nice place and all but nothing super awesome. I remember it as a child and i was amazed by it.. but the older you get, the less cool things become. sigh.

As you'd imagine, i took the D3s out, used it mostly with the 70-200.. wait.. its all i used it for.. Not too used to the range yet, kinda shit focal length on FX 200 just.. isn't long enough, but fkn awesome lens. I hate pixel peepers who say it vignettes in the corners and isn't sharp. Who looks there anyways? fk.. whatever. i like it.

I don't like monkeys.. they kill people.. or.. no.. gorillas do but.. they're too smart.. don't like it. and they look like people..

did you know hippos are the leading cause of death in Africa? well.. animal killing human deaths. go figure. 

what a life.. the one on the left looks so happy ^^ hah
i like meerkats. I have a video of them playing but which i should upload, but youtube takes too long to upload shit. need to find a good way to upload things to my blog without youtube, i'll figure it out.

Went on the bus ride which Werribee has, which was pretty fun. The bus ride which looks at all the animals is included in the fare which i thought was fair cheap $24.50 for all day and a bus ride. not bad. the Aquarium is $32. fts.. but i'd still go. 

this looked better in my head. oh well. giraffes are huge. 
i like this photo. =] touch it up a little it'll be alright. haha big butts

Was quite lucky. Waked up to the lion exhibit and he was just chilling on the grass. RIGHT infront of me. was pretty good. nice view. lucky. I just love his face. The scars and scratches can tell so much about him. Fairly interesting. 

His Missus came over to join the party and got quite close as well.

got some video of kangaroos too which i should upload somehow. I'll make sure i figure it out next time guys! even if it means youtube. sigh.. anyways. something short nothing amazing. Feel shit using hte D3 for petty things like this. but i guess its only what i make of it. Anyways enjoy, be safe