Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tasmania - The Video

Hi again guys, 

I've spent the last few days trying to edit some video footage which i took during my trip to Tas with my new D3s. The footage is not the best as i didn't really focus on making a video, was more like video for fun. So anyways, mosto f the footage is shot at 720x1280 and the other is shot at... i dunno.. 640X something something. using DX mode reduces the video quality so some of it is not as nice as it could be.

Next time i'll try and make a proper movie with better panning techniques, focus, movement, lighting etc etc. Certainly was fun to play with. Hopefully i can do more of this in the future. Anyways. quick film with a quick edit. There's one scene where the aspect ratio is wrong. i need to fix that up, so ignore that.

Anyways. D3s, 70-200, 28-70 for most of the shots.

p.s the footage is a little squashed in my blog. so if u want to see properly, click on it again and it should open in youtube. sorry.. enjoy.