Saturday, January 2, 2010

So I guess it's another day..

To sit around and think about what happens at the stroke of Midnight on that one day of the year where there are more fireworks in all the public holidays and festivals combined, which we call New Years Eve. Is it just another day, or something worth celebrating? I don't know, the novelty has worn off on me now, just like Christmas, and Easter.. maybe cos i'm not religious.. not even baptized.. guess i know where i'll be going when i hit the hay for good ;) Always amused me.. religion can be summed up so well.. "do what i say or i'll kill you and send you to hell.."....Sounds like a good thing to follow? I dunno.. i'm against religion.. i lied.. not against.. too much and too many lives have been lost in the name of "joe blog" and "jim smith" sigh.. same shit different name.. anyways.. lets not get political..

Spent the last day of the 9th year of the 2nd millennium walking around the suburb or Sha Tin with my uncle. These lifts are pretty small but have nice reflective ceilings. Left the 12-24 at home.. well.. my OTHER apartment i've been living in, so i just had the 28-70 with me. Big mofo, don't use it as much as I should. but its a funny focal length on a DX body.. i'll be using it a lot more soon ;) Just went strolling, good to walk around and relax. Would've rather gone bike riding but. i've done that already.. need to post those photos up..

Lots of people ride bikes around here, Asia in general. Rekindled my love of bike riding, need to get bike fixed when i get home.

Uncle Hugo took me site seeing, well.. wanted me to be in touch with my chinese heritage. I didn't disagree, it's good to know hwere you come from. know your roots. This suburb.. i don't remember.. Tai Wo.. Fo Tan.. don't know.. they're pretty close to each other.. one of those places you don't know about unless you live there. Strangers never walk around here for no reason.. well, i wouldn't.

See these all the time and never stop to get some..

Quail eggs. high in cholesterol apparently. i'll take my uncles word for it.

Asians.. dried shit.. always.. dunno what it is about it.. walked into a market which sold lots of fresh shit.. really fresh.

Lots of these guys.. but.. people gots to eats.. they help you kill it apparently. At least you know your meats fresh.

I should've blown this up but whatever. See that little bump on the hill in between the cranes and on the left of the powerline? if it looks like a person sitting down you are not wrong. There is a story behind it, of a woman who climbed that mountain wither her child on her back waiting for her husband to come home, which.. he never did.. and she turned to stone..

Since i like you guys i blew it up.. CAN YOU SEE IT! it freaked me out when i saw it first.. deep story.. China is full of these old tales. love it!

More market places. Great place to take photos. but fkn 28-70 sticks out like a sore thumb. shoulda taken the fity..

The best meat is meant to come from there.. i can live with 2nd best.


Lots of bike shops around HK. Lots of people like bike riding. I do too. $10AUD ride aslong as you wont. not a bad deal.

One manes trash is another mans treasure. These guys, often 'grandpas' and 'grandmas' who have nothing to do, like, job wise, will go around collecting peoples recyclables and sell them. Apparently its good money. They pay you to give them stuff. not a bad deal. not bad, quick buck for some left over boxes. This dudes got about $3-400HKD worth of goods. not bad for trash..

getting the eff outta there. going to another suburb to explore some more.

Old Sha Tin district. very spiritual. some houses around here are 300+ years old.. amazing to think sometimes.

saw flowers again.

somehow ended up in ikea.. nfi.. clever bastards them swedes.. make you walk ALL the way thru the store before you can exit..clever clever.. at least you get the hot dog and a drink for $10HKD at the end of it.. thats about $1.40 for my Australian chums. Back on the streets. This time back roads.

haircut anyone? in there..

always run into these little fellas. I'm glad they like having their photos taken. she was nice. let me pat her. =]

but not him.. ran like the wind..

bitta mahjong. never understood how to play.. looks like a whole lotta nothing to me.

bloody arm in the way!.. i like the photo still.

liked the little fat dog more.

light, shadow, continuity, line, colour, repetition, whatever.. photo.

petrol electric power to dad power. =]

Government housing. lots of these around HK.

and lots of markets.

sell a bit of everything.. fruit, veg, meat.. clothes, electronics. We bought our food for dinner that night and headed back. we'd walked a bit and got fairly tired. Went home.. bout time.

now we wait until the big hand and little hand hits the 12..
2230 hours.. time to head out. We hung around Sha Tin. kept it low key. nice and simple. still a bit to see.

had some dancers, lots of dancers at Sha Tin count down. more of that to come.

I think she was enjoying the show.

not him. lost his parents.. hope he found them. poor bastard.

pretty lights and colours

main stage for count down. more dancers.. salsa.. then latin.. then.. more dancing.. got a bit boring.. mreh.. whatever.. justh ere to see the fireworks.

bro.. your flash is not going to work when you are 50 meters away.. fk... esp with your diffuser dome too. enjoy killing your batteries firing at 1:1 power each time. notice the recycle time getting slower? fk..

yeah i'm a snaparazzi.

i liked the decorations they had. I like how everything has a face.

cutest kid. waited so long for her to look while the light was on her face.. fk.. need better things to do.

or not.

glad to see that young and old all came out to watch the countdown. good to see. =]

And that would be that.. midnight. Hard to take photos with iPhone in one hand recording and SLR with 28-70 in the other.. whatever. Fireworks weren't huge, nor spectacular. But you know what. I enjoyed it. The small community all came together and threw a little celebration of its own, wouldn't have been more than 5000, yes.. thats not many in HK.. but.. it was good. small, intimate, family orientated.. not with the hussle and bussle they have in Central and TST nor the grandeur. But 5000 is better than 1.5million. yes. apparently 1.5million turned out to watch the fireworks in HK in Central, TST, HK island way.. crazy crazy..
this is i.

love these lights. love the atmosphere.

"Happy new year" is what i imaging is what it said.

Wonder if he knew what was going on, besides lotsa loud bangs and bright lights. Good to see either way.

Aunty Grace enjoyed the show. Was the first time shes ever been. Lived in Sha Tin for over 10 years.. First time she stayed up past midnight on NYE.. =] glad she had fun.

f/4 and f/2.8 make a big difference =] he's not a camera nerd like me =[ he prob doesn't care..
We started to head off.. i still took photos.. its how i roll.

Something about this character.. i dunno what it was. she seemed excited.

even after mum and dad left.


fkn starbucks.. every where..

shooting blindly makes the best photos. i shot and hoped i'd get something. Guess i did. haha

bro did something.. or something happened to him.. all i heard was "A sir, listen to me please." dunno what's up. Hope the start of his 2010 wasn't a shit one. Probably was..

Train home. wasn't packed as i htought. guess most of the people who went to the countdown were Sha Tin locals. good for me.

had enough, perhaps it's late for them. good to see =]

Hope this guys life wasn't ruined on NYE. suited up, roses, sad face, alone.. hmm poor guy. chin up soldier.. woulda been a shit start to the year if he just got rejected though. lol.. devastated.. i dunno.. lets not jump to conclusions..Anyways, thats all there is from me, enough visual garbage from me, hope you all had a good NY, all having fun and playing safe!
over and out.