Saturday, January 16, 2010


so it finally arrived.. It's been while since i blogged but i've been busy for the past few days playing with my new toy. For those of you who keep up with me, i've been waiting for me new toy and it finally arrived on Thursday.

RAHHHH yessss my D3s finally arrived.. and let me just say.. its huge and heavy.. especially when its mounted with the 28-70 2.8 as seen in the photos above. For those who are camera nerds you may understand the next bit i'm talking about, for others, perhaps not.. but whatever..

Probably can't tell from such a small image, but thats 12800ISO.. i was fairly speechless. heres a 100% crop.

which i don't think is much MORE helpful, but you get the idea.. crazy.. love it!

What i have noticed is the DOF is so much shallower than on standard DX sensors

First time using the 70-200 on the beast. must admit that the FX sensor means i lose a bit of reach on my long lenses, as i've been so used to the DX sensor 200mm just is so short. however the ISO and speed are enough to make up for this. But i can shoot DX mode on the D3s, however at lower quality. roughly 5mp

which gets me a little closer. Might invest in a teleconverter.. AF is fast.. and accurate.. just like 9fps..

Video seems a bit buggy i hope it works.. whatever.. anyways.. super fast.. enjoying this camera but it is a major upgrade from my humble D80. Haven't quite gotten used to the colours and the way it meters 
light yet, but i'm sure i'll get used to it soon. I did try the crazy 102400ISO..

there was no light in the bathroom, besides the light which was coming from my bedroom 2m to my right.. 102400ISO is fairly FKN amazing... not the greatest image quality at all, but still usable if needed.
I've taken some video but not sure how to upload it properly to my blogger yet, but i'll upload some once i know how to upload it well and when i get some good video footage. Anyways, small update, i'm eager to take it out for a good test run and i'll be back with more updates!