Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You can play in the fields, just don't sow the seeds.

hmm some words of advice from my aunt and uncle when we went for lunch.. dunno how that come up but.. whatever.. anyways.. today was fairly uneventful, nothing major but whatever.. i took some shots but nothing special, mostly just town trippin'

If i haven't mentioned that my aunty has lots of pets, well, she has lots of pets. I'll post some of the photos up one day. These are just some things she has sticking on her car. i like them, but then again i like a lot of things.

My Uncle Joseph the Pediatrician, the first time i saw him this trip we went to some uber fancy restaurant. this time we went some where more, as my aunty and i like to say "down to earth" for his standard haha. Uncle Joseph is... living a comfortable life.. lets put it that way.

We wanted to go in here, which we did eventually. big line. apparently it's famous for its good tasting noodles. I can't eat so everything tastes good to me.. whatever.
After lunch Dr. Joe had to go deliver some kids or something.. always busy busy.

Little fella was pretty cute. Always animals in my posts..

waiting for his mother.

who eventually came.

this scared me, but i still took a photo.. mixing people and animals is just... wrong.. ick.. Aunt went shopping, gave me some time to go shooting. 15mins to be exact, time flies when you just go and wander off. Thoroughly enjoy exploring unknown places and jsut snapping away. Took the 50 with me today, nice and light. Took off the MB-D80  which can add a fair bit of weight. Felt good with a smaller body today. should do it more often. hmm

I don't know. I just liked the little Donkey Kong looking guy. Lots of things go around in my head when i take photos, sometimes they don't make sense..

Staring doe eyed out of the van for a few minutes. Makes good photos.

I've wanted a tailored suit for a long time. But maybe i should wait for Thailand.. or HK.. don't know how much it'll cost though. Could just get a Hugo Boss suit.. sigh.. oneday... oneday..

Just missed his butcher knife coming down... shit..

Lots of stray cats and dogs in HK, saw a dead one on the free way on the way to lunch, sad really, but life goes on. Wonder how long the average life of these stray cats is. Wouldn't be surprised if people chopped them... hope not..

Little bit of colour in a dull world. Coming from Aust. where things are green and trees grow and grass is on the lawn, coming to HK where the there are less trees and no grass in houses, a little colour sticks out pretty well, like the flashing neon lights.

HK is a food lovers paradise i reckon. Food stalls, food shops, food stands food everything.. always food! i'm surprised everyone here is so thin.. haven't seen that many fat people to be honest.. i'd balloon hard if i stayed here long enough.. arghhh

random street shots all have a story to tell.

fkn hell.. ok sorry for those people who are super.. whatever.. anyways.. excuse my agnostic views on life..

bro was up there with his nail gun. looked me straight down the lens. =]

made me laugh. on the phone and faced the wall. hmm

This is where Christmas trees come to die.

Lots of taxi's in HK, all fairly impatient too. Dunno what this guy was up to, but kept in sticking his head out looking for something/one? whatever..

bitta slow shutter work for kicks.

just like taking pictures of myself. After i took this photo some bitch came up next to me and looked at my lcd screen and stared at me. I was like.. tf? and walked off... NO effen idea..think she wanted to sell me something,.. lots of those people around.. weird..

Bro was still here when i came back.. this time more frustrated.

A classier version of Kanye glasses. Not that i ever liked them, but people seem to. Anyways, that's about all for today, slow day. Tiring.. Off to Macao tomorrow, weather pending, hopefully it's not too shit so i can come back with something interesting. Enjoy yourselves.