Friday, January 8, 2010

All good things must come to an end.

Well, just a month ago i landed in HK and started doing my blogs. And before you know it, its been a month.. time flies.. shit.. spent my 2nd last day in HK taking photos of course. WEnt to Wetland park instead of Macau as the weather was a bit average. It is winter after all. I'd seen photos of wetland park and it looked quite nice. Lakes, blue skies, birds.. didn't see much of any of those.. there was lots of water, but no birds.. well.. ones i could shoot. If you don't like flowers you may as well stop reading my blog.. i took lots of photos of flowers as i couldn't get many birds.. bastards.. 200mm just isn't long enough for birds..

Vented my frustration by shooting flowers. There are gonna be lots of flower photos.. don't like it, stiff shit.. i do.

Place was full of observation decks, hideouts, where you could go and view the hundreds of birds. Too bad i didn't have a long enough lens =[

see who this scope is made by ;) beautiful scope might i add.. very VERY clear images.. amazing actually.

this is all i got from my 70-200 @ 200.. sigh.. i need one of these bad boys.. one day..
don't get me wrong, it's a great place. just that the weather made it shit.. well.. anti climatic.. i still enjoyed it, its good to try and make something out of a nothing situation.
i don't understand how this can be..

Lots of these flowers, seemed like there was only about a handful of flowers still in bloom during winter, but thats alright, i took a lot of photos of them anyways..

sorry, didn't save to sRGB profile so a little bit of the oomph has been lost in the colours, but truly vivid colours. I like the red on green, stands out. i like colours.

Great place to take wedding photos, photog < left assistant > right. Don't agree with the way this photog worked though to be honest. sorry. Overcast day, nice soft light would have made a nice huge giant soft box effect, yeah i get that, but.. bro.. use a bitta light, make some light.. pull out some flashes and make your subjects stand out instead of being washed away in the background and fixing it all up in post.. whatever.. what do i know.. ;)

I'm sure they'll like it..

Don't know what flowers these were, looked like lavender but.. not at the same time.. if anyone knows comment it for me! loved them, took too many photos of them.. but can you blame me?!

70-200 shoots flowers nicely =]

If you have time go and look up 'gilad' does a lot of this.. here's my tribute to him.. whatever.. there were lots of boardwalks, unfortunately unlike the wildlife.

Empty fields..  no birds in there.. heard them.. but didn't see. Heard some other birds.. made a hell of a noise.. i saw them atleast.. The red army came rolling in.. flew some choppers over a few times, maybe training.. or.. being communists and checking on their people.. who knows.. but still cool

Although we were in a wetland park as per say, a national park in the middle of hong kong is never ever that far from civilization. The park is in the middle of a town pretty much. the urban jungle is just over the hedge.

There was a board saying what kind of animals and insects were around the wetlands.. this is the only one i found.. its like some insect that walks on water.. sigh..

there... finally a photo of a bird which doesn't look like a speck..sigh..

oh how i wish i had a 600mm lens or some teleconverters.. next time... this is the view from one of the hideouts where you can jsut sit and view the birds. Is a really beautiful spot, there have been some great photos taken form these hide outs. There is a kiosk at the info centre where you can submit photos.. i didn't submit anything..

too bad they didn't have one for flowers.. i woulda submitted a few..

This little fella got a lot of attention from people. He was swimming in a tank with a crocodile who is a local celebrity around here. "Pui Pui" who was captured in a local river, which is strange, considering she is a salt water croc, who some people believe either escaped as an illegal pet, or was dumped by someone.. either way, she lives in the wetland park now. In a tank however.

Pui Pui was cool but i liked the fish more.

Good subject. he liked to be photo'd

Back to my flowers.

while taking my flower photos, something caught my eye. had a closer look turned out to be ants on a leaf.. but they were fricken huge.

it happend to be that the whole tree was covered in them..  i quickly left.

nearly a bird shot.. but.. i finally one.. by accident really.

While walking back on one of the board walks i looked down and this little guy popped right out and sat infront of me just long enough to snap about 15 frames.. fairly happy.. not the greatest photos, but i got my bird photo.. bastards.. all that waiting around for birds for nothing.. we left.. i was content.

but not before we stopped and took photos of this.

fast shutter speed vs slow shutter speed. just for kicks.

And that was the end of my adventures at wetland park.. it was alright, not the best.. but such is life, can't have it perfect always. Sadly this will be the last adventure i have in HK until i later return perhaps in March, so stay tuned for that kids. I have lots of photos of my Aunty's cats which i might post back up when i get back in Oz.. but i'm sure i'll post some stuff when i get to KL. planning on staying in a hotel which will give me access to the net, and more importantly, a bed for the night.. fkn 12 hour wait.. sigh.. anyways kids, talk to you when i'm in KL or in the land of Oz. I shall miss Hong Kong.

Changas, over and out.