Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tasmania.. where to start.. Went with a friend to do some photography shooting which we do atleast once a year for a few years now. This had been the biggest and longest photographic "expedition" we'd undertaken as normally we get screwed around with weather and.. yeah.. weather.. this time was good. Lucky i guess.

There were a lot of Australian flags in Tasmania, thats the first thing that struck me, i don't know why but Tasmania had a lot of Aussie flags.. everywhere.. cars.. houses, roads..  lets see photos. First shot is Cradle Mountain.

Got lucky with the sunset, thought it was gonna be average but at the last minute the sky decided to give me something. We'd been hiking all day around Cradle mountain for a good photo location, took us 7 hours and we ended up shooting where we started.. what a waste of a day.. tiring as hell but.. whatever.

that's cradle mountain in the b/g. We hiked up there..

Hard hike.. took too long.. 

Little hut near Cradle mountain. I was going to shoot here but.. i don't know.. changed my mind in the end. I'd like to go back and shoot from this spot. 

some nice light was hitting cradle mounting in the afternoon after our 7hour hike. this was taken when we were walking back to the carpark.. another 5km away.. fml. 

i was on animal watch when Donald was driving. They liked to jump out just as the cars are coming towards them.. i don't know why.. lot of road kill as you can imagine. 

We had visitors at our camp site. Not scared of humans at all.

ballsy enough to beg for food.. bastard possums.. All shot with a flash light at 20K iso. D3s ftw. This possum bit Donald. I lol'd.

We went to a few places and i've skipped a few locations.. nothing to see.. maybe there was but.. i cbf going thru X gb's of images.. sorry.. maybe i'll sort thru some later.. This was at Freycinet National Park. I loved this place i must say. 

I was planning to shoot this image at sunset.. but that never happened.. i was determined to get my shot at sunset. I wish this had of worked the way i wanted it to. but.. such is life, cant win them all. 

 Had to settle with this instead the next night. if only there were DAMN CLOUDS IN THE SKY.. fml... feeling frustrated and unsatisfied Donald and I went to have dinner, canned food, and came back at night. I wanted my shot. I wanted something at least.

I quite like this one. I'm glad i came back. 

This is how we spent most of our time. Napping in cars. Waking up at 430-5 every morning for sunrise and sleeping at 12-1 every night took a toll on us.. we're bloody crazy. 8 nights with 4-5 hours sleep.. fun times. 

He played the staring game with me. I won. 

Tried to do some birding at the wetland park in Launceston. too hard on a FX camera body, had to use DX mode which meant 5mp images. I don't care that much. but this camera sure is fast. Sure takes some good images too.

I have a lot of video footage of these little guys. They swarmed the whole beach at Freycinet.. it was scary.. but cool. The ground was moving and all you could hear was the sound of them scuttling around.  I need to upload the video.. i'll edit the vid at a later date and post it up later. Made a little vid of Tasmania. filmed a bit too late. missed the first half of the trip but.. whatever. 

Sunrise at Freycinet. 
The last 2 nights Donald and I went exploring the towns of Launceston and Devenport for night photography. Was a lot of fun i must admit, something different instead of landscape photography.

A lot of nothing really but its good to play with design, colour and form when you do abstract sort of art.. whatever.. i'm glad to be home.. Melbourne, i missed you. I'll get on that video soon!