Thursday, December 31, 2009

Food For Thought

Hello all again. Some oldish photos but whatever.. same shit.. photos are photos =] Its fairly late and i'm watching 'Bad Boys' while blogging. yes Bad Boys is a classic movie haha haven't seen it in a while, i remember why i liked it.

Well anyways back to the point. My aunty has lots of animals.. they're pretty spoilt. occasionally my aunty likes to take the dogs to the centre and feed the dogs.. they eat people food.

Barney talks.. i'll film it oneday and show.. but he throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. sook.

She was looking at the 3 dogs. They get a lot of attention.

Saucy and Woofer are waiting for food.

It came to my attention that Barney has different colour eyes. he looks cross eyed at times. Big oaf.
The centre is pretty good. There's a lake there, running track, playground.. fairly good. Actually it's really good. Nice community centre. lots of food there. mmm

This was taken on another day but it was my point about him being an oaf. Got his head stuck in between the bars for a while. started to cry but got his head out eventually. I lol'd and took photos. haha BARNEY! anyway,s back to it.

Big bird with bigger fish. I like how they just followed him around. After we ate we had a bit of a break and took my Aunty photo shooting. She wanted to learn how to use her camera, so i guess i had to show her.

This was meant to be a demonstration on how ND grad filters worked, but i likeh ow it turned out. Some empty field next to my Aunts house. I like the sky. Well seeing as the sun was setting we went down to the canal near by and did some bird shooting.

I need to go back before i leave and get some nice bird shots. lots of these bad boys flying around. sometimes 200mm just isn't enough.. fark.. guess you gotta make do with what you got. Got a beautiful sunset that day.

I like those colours. We spent a few hours there just taking photos. It's hard tryna teach someone how to use a camera when its sorta just second nature to me now.. but slow and steady wins the race. i hope what i said got through to her.. she's on holiday now, wont find out until she comes back on how her photos came out haha. Anyways went out to dinner that night. Just a local restaurant near where this photo was taken. Too bad it doesn't have the same view as this.

Good way to kill time, taking photos. Always salted nuts where ever i go to eat in HK.

Uncle Paul picking which fish he wanted to eat.

So the dude went and got his net and scooped him out. I always feel bad when people pick which animal they want to eat. I should really be a vegetarian.. too bad i like the taste of meat too much.. fk..

GG, Mr. Fish.

Take some more photos while waiting for food. My little 6 year old camera still takes some pretty good photos. Sony Cybershot ftw. Pretty sure this fish has been devoured by now.

yeah.. no comment. Food eventually came out.

His life was not in vain. He tasted nice.

Like the way this one came out. Good to see things when you just stop and have a look sometimes. This was the back of the restaurant. nice grungy feel to it. I was surprised my little camera coped so well. I remember how when i first applied to RMIT, half my folio was done with a little point and shoot.. hmm funny how its not what you use but how you use it. Applies to a lot of things in life. Lets not get to sentimental and DnM right now.

Barney and co. came for dinner as well. They ate pretty well.

I wouldn't complain if i was them.. ok they didn't eat all of it.. but some of it.. lucky bastards.. This makes their macaroni and ham with toast look like dog shit compared to this. Walked the dogs back home after dinner. Was a good idea.. Ate way too much. fk.

I got given Barney. He actually walks pretty well. Running.. no.. he tends to jump into me when he runs.. i've tripped over him a few times while running. not fun.

1030PM and people dancing in the community centre. Fairview park has a pretty good community. I like how people in HK are still awake late in the night. Well. Late for Australians anyways.. shops are open past 1030! far out. no late night shopping in HK either. people.. just do..

Even tennis.. at 1030.. good on em. i wanted to play but i'm not a member.. dang..

Went out the next morning for a walk. These hills are similar to the ones we climbed with the 3 dogs. Although it wasn't this one.. it was along the same ridge as these hills. Really quite a beautiful view. The whole estate is surrounded by them.

So anyways, i think that'll do for tonight. nice and simple and not the usual. haven't been up to any adventures lately. Well.. i have but nothing to fancy.. Sorry guys i'll post something more interesting up soon! well anyways it was good to use the point and shoot for a while. Carrying and SLR gets heavy.. backpack, lenses.. far out.. too much thinking about angles and ISO and aperture shutter speed, all that shit. I mean, theres Auto mode on it but i never use it.. It's good to just have a little camera where u just go.. take photo now, and it does it.. dont have to worry about too much shit. I read on one of some rando blog where the photographer said "its better to have less gear where it means you have less to think about" something along those lines. Couldn't agree more. Too much = too much clutter. more is less.

This one I just took the other night with the cybershot in Manual mode. goes alright. good to have a change from the SLR like i said earlier. Anyways, nothing special guys but whatever. hopefully you can tell which photos were taken with the SLR and which were with the cybershot. If not we have a problem on our hands.. I'm off. oh btw.. Hope you all have a great new year! don't know what i'll be up to yet, probably at home. might go take some photos. we'll see.. Enjoy yourselves. =]