Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hong Kong

Yes i've skipped a few days but i've been pretty busy doing.. stuff.. i dont even remember anymore.. well anyways, last week a few mates who were holidaying in Malaysia came to HK for 5 days and one of the days we went to the BIG BUDDHA like all tourists do. Our adventure started well.. differently than expected, but thats another story. lets just say it got wet... well i did.. when i get the photos i'll post them back up. but CONTINUING on.. 

The view to the buddha was needless to say, rather beautiful. Overlooking the HK Airport we spent a good few minutes watching planes take off an land in the distance. It was a shame the sky was so smoggy and not as clear as what it could've been, still it was a beautiful sight to see. 

Our neighbours..  spent a good few minutes waving at people who came by.. and occasionally swearing at those who didn't  wave back... 

we laughed a lot that day..  at what.. can't remember, but it was good.

what's a blog without photowhoring.

coming to a theater near you.. as usual WK and I papped our way around HK, he filmed while i shot the stills. hopefully it'll be collaborated into something nice. looking forward to it. WK spent a few minutes trying to get len to stand still.. i'm not sure how it turned out..

Starbucks at the big buddha... they are everywhere..

i like to take photos of animals, in Asia there seems to be no shortage of them.

we took turns.. how the simple things can make the greatest moments.

next stop.. up there.. was a good 10 minute walk up there i think.. lots of people.. lots of people stopping..

we also stopped for photos.... i didn't take this photo.. obviously...but i think the focos not being on me sort of still works. gets the point across at least. that buddha is actually pretty big.. and those stairs go for a pretty long way..

WK and Dania getting a good view from the top of the beautiful scenery around us.

finally up the top.. is that a face of relief? i think Vy just looks surprised.. she seems to always look that way when i photo her.

lol good times..

it was a shame the sky was so over cast, flat white skies are good for portraits, but not that good for shooting landscapes or towards the sky.. bit annoyed it was like that, but i can't control the clouds.. unlike China..
Len wanted to take some photos. Wk was too busy filming and i cbf'd changing from a wide angle to a mid range zoom for Len. I gave in and let the kid shoot.. he got fairly into it and took a few photos. not bad if i say so myself. But didn't expect him to really get into it.

even i haven't done that in a while.. good work! really. no joke.

as shot by Leonard Khoo.. a shame about the sky being so overcast but compositionally its actually not a bad photograph if i must say so myself. He took a lot of photos.. 

Buddha makes quite the impression when seen up close. quite amazing really.

epic photo. well done Vy for taking it. =]

We spent quite a while up there taking in the view and of course taking the compulsory tourist photos. 

haha i need to stop doing that.. it's becoming a habit! -_-" nah i think i'll keep doing it.. =D
We'd had enough time up the top and we headed back down, just as busy the way up as the way down.

 "whats this?"
"Chinese brail?"
"it's not chinese brail you fkn r-tard!"

hahah sigh... good times.. theres a video of i somewhere.. absolutely classic.. its not even funny really.. but.. its a personal joke... you had to be there to get it.. anyways.. back down at the bottom.. and we went to visit a little shrine, praying place.. WK being a buddhist went to go pay his respects, we helped burn some incense.

they actually took a while to burn..  i had a sub par fire.. didn't light too well. 

always time to take photos of myself =]

time to leave, but enough time to take a last photo.. again with the fingers.. atleast we're all  doing it this time.

i'll remember this place for a while.

Monkey holding....scrotum?

is this not just the most epic thing ever?? haha christmas decorations make good mirrors for photos.

Animal planet, explain to me what's happening..

Had enough, Dania and Wk were for some reason battling with life at this current moment in time. I think it was the incense when they were lighting at the shrine.. Dania said she wanted to munt, and that it would be directed at me. I'm glad she didn't.

all feeling a bit worn out from our adventure. was longer than expected, what was meant to be a half day turned to a full day..

cute couple.

ruined what coulda been a really nice photo..

i'm glad to see chivalry still had a place in this world. Len helping Vy to do her shoe laces.. awwww haha

back to where it all began... i was hoping this kid would get a jet of water to the face or get wet atleast.. didn't happen.. i am envious... well that's enough of me for today, its 3am and i've been writing this for too long! Hopefully i blog something soon in the near future, wont be too long i imagine. all the best.

bb for now =]