Wednesday, December 9, 2009

235am bed..

Try to sleep at 230 and what do i see.. my bed with not much space for me to sleep in.. might have to worm my way into my own bed.

 Normally its not a problem, just the cat at the foot of my bed, but tonight the big boy wanted to sleep in my bed, perhaps he can sense that i'm leaving soon? who knows.. animals have a strange 6th sense sometimes.. Anyways took these snaps a few days ago, jsut playing around with the 70-200 VR, heard all the hype about the new 70-200 VRII but i dunno, i think its just knit pickers who like to complain over nothing. I got this bad boy for 2k so i figure thats a good enough price to not justify an upgrade. But we'll see how it goes on my new FX camera body... ok.. enough tech geek talk i should sleep. Or weasel my way into bed somehow..