Friday, December 11, 2009

WElcome to KL..

After what was probably the worst flight i've been on in a few years i finally landed in KL. The 8 hour flight was a pain in the ass from the start. the seats which i thought were not bad at first turned out to be a nightmare. Unable to recline the seats and crammed up in what i swear are smaller seats than usual the 125am flight felt like eternity when i arrived at KL 710AM local time. Beautiful light in the morning. The sky was still orange and i justh ad to stop and take a photo of the plane i just got out of.

My initial plan was to drop off my luggage and explore KL for the 10 hours i had free, however thing never go as planned. When i arrived at the Air Asia check in and enquired about the check in time, i was told "3 hours before take off" Right.. so i couldn't check my luggage in until 125pm... fml... so what to do for 6hours.... facebook..

No.. i do not speak that..

Finding internet reception at the airport seemed to be an adventure on its own. Yeah.. the net doesn't work on that side.. i spent a good few hours trying to find the perfect place for reception.

   Which happened to be here..

This guy had the right idea.. i probably should've taken a leaf out of his book and had a sleep too. Hadn't slept for about 20 something hours by then.. See alot of amazing things when you sit and watch the goings on at the airport.

There was something in the roof they weren't happy about.. what i'm not sure.. but they were staring and pointing for a long time..  I was getting hungry and fed up with the temperamental internet which seemed to work whenever it felt like it and if i leaned on a correct angle, so i went food hunting.

Merry Bob.. i cant remember now.. Merry B_____ something.. it was KFC cross Maccas cross.. Asian.. they had Mi Goreng on the menu.. But this was my breakfast. Chicken fillet in a but, hash brown, egg, baked beans and a tea. I asked for OJ instead of Tea but, apparently they don't do that in Malaysia.. i took the tea. Sitting and waiting i was hoping to kill a few hours, but that didn't happen I think i was there for only 30mins which felt like 3 hours..

Happy camper with his tea.

Airport, fast food restaurant love. This made me smile. They were there before i got there and still there when i left. Just lay like that the whole time..

Sneaky kid.

Enough said.. fts.. no chance.. i can wait.. Went back outside and sat on the bench and started reading a book Kiwi had given me and all of a sudden i hear a "thud" turn to my right and i look twice to see a guy with a shotgun sitting next to me. I thought it was a toy gun first but realized it wasn't when he was tapping it on the ground and it made a loud yet metallic twang with each tap. 

glad to see he's working hard to protect the public incase of an emergency.. I read in the Malaysian Paper there had been 2 incidents where 2 children were shot and wounded by security guards mishandling their weapons in the past few weeks. I don't think this will help their cause.. 

Whatever, not my problem... yet.

Saw a lot of people lounging around killing time just like me.. glad to see i wasn't alone.

Waiting to board.

The quintessential "sky outside plane window" shot. This was taken as i was flying to Hong Kong. 10 hours after i landed in KL.. about time.. OK i think thats enough for now, i have some more photos but i'll post them another day. Now my adventure in HK begins, hope to add more up!