Thursday, December 24, 2009

more of HK

So i'm sorta just back tracking in random order now, cos it's a bit hard to keep up to date with things as they happen. But like mentioned earlier, i had some friends who came from Malaysia to hang out with in HK for a few days. I wish we had a bit more time together. Five days seemed to fly, too much to see, not enough time. Seems to always be the case.

This is how we spent most of our days.. So many places to eat in HK just can't visit them all. We wandered around for a bit before we settled on some random restaurant. Was a pretty good choice.
As said earlier before, WK and i pretty much papped all day with photos and video.

Hopefully we see some good footage come out of that lens and camera.. i'll be waiting..
Spent a lot of time shopping.. which everyone loves to do in HK. When not filming or shooting we did a little bit of shopping.

I still kept shooting.

and again.. It was fun to just walk around in a foreign land and explore the surroundings and experience things from a different point of view.

I stood here for a while with WK just watching these men play checkers or something similar.. What seems so normal for then just captivated me. No idea why. There was a fair few groups of men playing their game  in this little park. really amazing.. simple things.

there were animals again. my favourite subject. Stood here for a while shooting this little guy. Kept leaping from pillar to pillar and hiding behind them. Time for a new camera.. 50, 1.8 @ 1600iso is a bit of a struggle. but web viewing is ok.. oh well.. better than no image =] But it do love my camera.. had it for 4 years and its served me well in those years.. shouldn't complain. Love the 50 too ;)

DEPTH OF FIELD <3 ! Len looking happy. It's probably the only photo i have of him looking 'normal'. Truth be told he was actually making a face at me. Just fluked it to look like a smile..

Hunger.. time to eat.

Hiannese chicken. spelt it wrong.. but whatever.. tasted alright.. Was meant to be a Thai restaurant.. tasted Chinese to me, but what do i know..

He got to live another day, we didn't eat him.. but someone may have eaten him by now.. Always feel bad for these fellas in the glass cases.. a bit of a power trip being able to pick who you want to die.. hmm little glimpse of how God feels everyday.. anyways.. i'm agnostic. fk it.

I'm amazed that Hong Kong never stops building, creating, GROWING. Each time i come back it always changes.. amazing when you come from Australia and everything is at a slower more relaxed pace. Mind Boggling really.

spent a lot of time on the MTR, or train for those who don't know. Interesting places to take photos, see a lot of different things, different faces.

she would've said no if i asked.. a little bit scary..

Face masks seem to be the new fashion item for HK. I might get one to hide my face and be mysterious.. or not..

train trips can be boring.. so there needs to be a way to stay amused.

could be this.. or could not be.

i made a terrible joke about this guy.. something to do with the FBI and America's Most Wanted.. you can figure it out for yourselves..

Getting out of the train station and heading up towards the street. Time to go exploring. Ended up in Central, we were looking for Lan Kwai Fong. Took us a while, but we got there. Vy got tired in the process.

tryna find directions, however thats a story for another day. I'll continue this later another day, other wise it'll go for too long.. bit more miscellaneous photos from the night adventures and LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) it'll be up soon.