Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tai O

Had a bit of a FML day today, my aunt and her friend and I decided to go photo shooting, and i was there to teach them. We went to a town called Tai O, which is pretty much as country ad country can be in HK. Sounded like a good place, getting there was the worst.. Windy road plus bus = fml. We arrived after our 60 minute ride from hell feeling a bit worse for wear but we got there.. 

Sickness aside it was time to do what we came to do. Take photos.

My Aunt and her friend as during our shooting expedition. It was colder than i thought..

The town is situated on the ocean and as you can imagine is a township heavily reliant on seafood, all sorts of seafood, in particular dried fish, as well as decorative ones..

Being all avid photographers we decided to take a photo with all 3 cameras at once and see how cool we looked.

Fashion sense is nil, but i dress for comfort and warmth.. enough of me, back to the photos.. the place was full of cats, which made interesting subjects.

These two cats were fighting. well to be precise the one on the left was kicking the shit out of the one on the right, as i think you can tell by the photo.. we were walking back after taking pictures on the beach and we heard meowing which was really REALLY loud, being nosey we went over to investigate to find these cats fighting up in a tree. no idea what htye were fighting about, but the one on the left stopped kicking the shit out of the other one and walked off.. strange cats, i felt sorry for the other one who shit in fear. no joke.. did a crap while getting attacked, you can probably see it if u look closely enough.

Dogs as well..

and birds..

After our trip to Tai O we went lens shopping.. well i didn't but my aunty did. she wanted a telephoto lens.. apparently 300mm isnt long enough for her and neither is 400, or 500... sigh.. who knows.. we went and shot HK after lens hunting..

very beautiful city.. ok thats enough for now, i've skipped a few days but i'm sure i'll come back to it when i have time (or can be bothered really)

bb for now.