Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm no fashionista.

Bot occasionally I get asked to do some fashion/modeling shoots. I like shooting people.. but when I shoot it, most of the time they are unaware of me, or its has a story and message behind the images. But who am I to turn someone down? Anyways, On the 10th of December which also happened to be the same day I flew out to KL.. yes that is correct.. My time management skills are so good that I shoot the day I leave for overseas and I don't even pack.. sigh sigh.. Well anyways, these photos I took were for my neighbour who is an aspiring singer. Well, she sings but.. you know.. I don't know enough to really say.. but she sounds good. =]

Like I said.. i don't normally shoot people.. or people like this. I don't NOT like it.. jsut that I feel awkward giving directions and shit. I like things to fall into place infront of my lens, not me creating it.

Initially she.. I should use her name. Elena, wanted some more, well as I would say.. "serious" kind of facial expressions.. I didn't like it.. but customer is always right. I took some more candid ones anyways.. cos I can.

I like the teeth.. they're all pretty similar but whatever.. Photos don't look to well on this. Click on them and make them larger, Looks a little over sharpened.. oops on my part. Have I mentioned how much i love the 70-200? Pretty sharp wide open. I shouldn't shoot wide open but i'm a sucker for shallow DOF.. not that f/4 at 200mm will make a difference in Bokeh, yeah pixel peepers and shit will say differently, whatever.. but I like shooting wide open.. That's just me.

This ones nice. Lighting this was pretty simple. Used a reflector at first, but the light was too harsh on her face, I'd done this before on another "fashion" shoot I did mid 09, where i took the reflecty part off the reflector and got left with this semi translucent scrim like material.. amazing, is all I can say.. Giant soft box. Love how the light wraps around using it like this. Oh and by the way. This was shot mid afternoon. Not the best time to shoot. Thought I had a photo of with and without the scrim like thing. but I guess I don't.. Whatever, take my word for it.

We went inside for some other shots. These shots were for her portfolio of something like that. Her manager wanted some photos for.. I don't know.. I don't care. honestly. I just take photos.

The background is a giant painting they have in their living room. Almost like a Vincent Van Gough with that flower. but its not.. similar.. Giant painting of a droopy flower.. makes a nice background.
All natural lighting like before. Window Light to her.. well our right, reflector down low, kicking a little light back up on her back to create a little fill light and to show the texture in her top. Those frilly bits.

Not that I am overly pleased with this image, however I do like the almost high key look to this image. Looks almost angelic. Very white. Very soft lighting, again with the reflector scrim.. best way to light a subject by far with high afternoon sun. Should thank my assistant for holding it for me =]

Holding a reflector, like what all good assistants do. Holding the reflector in the wind is troublesome, but she did well. =]
I like this shot. I like bokeh more =]

And just FYI, this shows how much of a difference the scrim makes. (on the arm) Anyways, that's about all I have tonight. I know its not HK and its old.. 3 weeks ago.. but it's all that i had which was converted and sized to jpeg on my comp. can't be arsed sitting and batch converting 230+ NEF files to JPEG and then batch converting and automating 230+ images to correct dimensions... I'll get some more recent things up soon, (well.. recent like.. within the past week or so) so stay tuned!

Well yeah, Chris does some "fashion" too.. not my cup of tea but it wasn't a complete disaster. i hope.

Enjoy yourselves.