Friday, December 25, 2009

Moving Homes

So today is the day i moved out from my Aunty's house to my OTHER aunties apartment closer in the city.
I'll be living alone as my Aunty has gone to Malaysia for holiday and I am left behind for Christmas alone! oh well.. This apartment is my Aunty Angela's and is basically her spare house which has become a storage room for all her stuff.. i'm not joking.. She's... how can we put it... well off.. So i've moved into her 'storage room' and will be here for the next 10 days or so. I was a bit excited to move but now the novelty has worn off. There is no supermarkets in this area of town, so i can't buy food to cook for myself, the TV doesn't work and i dont get how the hot water works.. sigh... troublesome..

Anyways, this is my bed and the view i have. Don't get me wrong, this is a beautiful apartment sort of thing.. Big bed, theres a kitchen and bathroom behind me. Clean it up and it'd be a perfect place to live.
Anyways, the thought of spending Christmas alone this year made me a little reminiscent, so i went for a walk down the road just to explore and get my mind off things for a while.

At my current location, the apartment is situated on a steep hill.. Luckily this guy was walking down the hill not pushing up. But yes.. steep none the less.

Up the top of the street they're building again.. For those who don't know, in Asia and Hong Kong they use Bamboo to hold up that green security mesh and basically create a bamboo skeleton of the building, i wondered how many acres of land had to be cleared to create enough bamboo for one building. Then times that by a few thousand, and you get an understanding of how much of the earths natural resources we are destroying for our own needs. All that bamboo.. poor pandas..

I'm sure they reuse the bamboo. I hope they do. I mean.. it is amazing how strong this stuff is, and the people of Hong Kong obviously think so too, if they walk and hang stuff off them 300+ feet in the air.

scooter struggled to get up the hill with his pizza delivery.

There's a street market just down the road. They all look the same to me. Probably are. Saw a pretty girl walk past. She was holding another one in her arms. I'm sure it was in the bag earlier but wanted some air to breathe.

Lots of trolleys on the streets of Hong Kong.

Even sweet potato trolleys =]

Was going to grab a bite at this restaurant, but she poked her head out. I took a photo instead.

Something about this playground in the middle of a metropolis made me think for a while. I should've HDR'd it but got lazy and pulled the detail out from the shadows. Looks a bit ugly, but whatever.

More trolleys.. Love shooting from the hip. Bloody cameras are too obvious, however i can't afford a Leica M9. I think i can live without one. I saw Santa today. 
Outside Fortress =] too bad he didn't give me anything from inside the store.. Looks like he lost a bit of weight. Unlike myself.. shit..

Catfood, but no cats today.. I hope it was left for the cats ad not eaten by people. But then again.. some food is better than none. I walked up those stairs.. it was fucken scay.. so i came back down, felt like i was being watched.. no joke.. *shiver* stick to the main roads..

I like dogs.
Went to Pacific Place in Admiralty.. There are NO supermarkets around here.. fml.. only LV, Coach, Prada.. have to MTR it to another suburb, where, I don't know.. 711 is good enough. Anyways, Pacific Place.

So so pretty. Can you guess what they're doing? 
Yes. Playing the bells. They actually sounded good. Played some classic Christmas songs to the tune of Bells. There's a skill to it. Really.

This guy would know.

Mr. Conductor.
If only my camera were a little bit better.. =]  soon.. soon.. But yeah.. 70-200 love it.. best $2k spent.. bargain at that too.

The.. bell ringers?

love you 70-200... My artistic interpretation of the bell ringers and christmas lol. ahhh well.. love the bokeh though.

Saw santa again, but i didn't like this one as much..
hmmmmm... s...e...r...i...a...l...... K.......... no.. santa doesn't do that.. but FUCk he looks scary..

I live down there somewhere.. anyways, Merry Christmas to you all. Enjoy it. I shall spend the day doing.. what i do most days.. ;)

I'll photos up soon.