Saturday, December 26, 2009

more of HK pt.II

OK.. likei  promised i'd get back to part 2 of HK.. theres probably not that much to see, but i'm sure i'll drag it out and make something of it.. where were we last.. oh i dunno but we'll just start from new..
We went to Time Square,

I don't know what was going on here, but there were lots of cameras and vid cameras filming it and interviews going on.. I dunno who this guy is, but he must've been saying something epic cos everyone clapped super loud for him.. hmmm, but yeah, we went in side and we saw little Christmas decorations.

I wanted to give mine a kiss. Len wanted more..

-_-" sigh..

The girls had a nice photo with the creature things.
We sort of split up and went our own separate ways. WK and I and Len and the girls did their own thing. I went to Fortress to window shop as WK was after an HDD for all the bloody video he was shooting. MJPEG eats up space.. 1min = 800MB-1GB fk that.. Well while WK was doing his own thing i got distracted by the sony party shooter.. or whatver its called. Epic.

SOOO cool, i want one.. It like face tracks and takes photos when you smile. Hence my smiling. =]
After we got our shit done, had to pee.

FML.. The mens bathroom was on the next floor, at the opposite end of where we were.. but we got there eventually, Crisis over. By the time we left Times Square it was dark. It gets dark early here. But the night time is just as, or even sometimes, brighter than the day. its Odd.

We went there next. I didn't take photos.. i'm sure you know what kind of things were in there..

I like taking photos at night time. I love the 50mm too =]. So cheap, so good. Had enough of Times Square, off to LFK. Back on the MTR.
Back to taking photos, wk too this time. =]


We'd been strolling around for a while trying to find LFK, didn't know it'd be that difficult.. Len was a bit agitated by this time i think ahaha ah well, he'll be right. We walked up this hill, turned round a corner and found a 7/11. Bought some beer and asked where LKF was. It was back down this hill. sigh.. but we got there eventually.

It was busy, and this couple were getting their photo taken. FYI if you didn't know. The lady in purple is holding up the photogs flash and aiming it at the couple. I think it woulda been a really nice shot. I didn't have a good look at the back of his LCD, but in my head it woulda looked good.

Something about this. dunno. like it.
We pretty much came and had a look where Lan Kwai Fong was and went back home, we were all carrying luggage of some sort and it was fair late so we went back. But we knew where it was now. Ran into something cool on the way back.

see it? if not, here's a better view.

lol, i shit you not. i was like GTFO! but its there.. i'm a comedian =] haha epic. No idea how the guys saw it, but they did and informed me of it. good times.
That was pretty much the end of the day/night

short and sweet.