Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rain rain, come and stay!

Ahh yes, wet season. Back in Melbourne I don't think we had a "wet" season per se'. It was either, raining cos it's winter, or hot cos it's summer. Now that i'm a Queenslander, it's completely opposite. Summer days are hot and muggy with rain while winter is blue skies and beautiful.

As some of you may know, it's been raining a LOT in Central Queensland which is kind of good for me, as I hate the heat, so all this rain certainly keeps it fairly cool. When it comes to work though, it sucks. Getting wet, not just wet, I mean SOAKED. Think torrential rain, then times 2. Horizontal rain with rain drops the size of marbles (slight exaggeration). I get wet, clothes get wet, car gets wet and smelly - sucks, but fun. 

Anyways, all this rain is obviously affecting my 365 project. The skies are dull and bleak, no texture, no 'oomph' just 'bleh' so like i mentioned the other day, macro photography is a good way to cheat and focus on the little things (pun intended). 


Damsel Fly. (maybe) Sony NEX 5n, Minolta 58mm + extension tubes, 1/250th, 800iso @f8.

I was lucky enough to get so close to this guy, he literally just sat there and DID NOT move, I was pretty much in his face with the lens and absolutely no f*cks were given by this guy. Even in the rain, just sat there getting rained on. I figured if he could take a little rain, I could too, I think the photo turned out quite nice. Shooting macro is good fun however DOF is a killer, every movement seems like an earthquake through the lens (EVF for sony) and nanometers are the difference between sharp and unsharp focus.

Really I should use a tripod, but whatever - too lazy, don't like to feel restricted when doing macro, things move so fast and situations change that I find tripods more annoying that useful when macro-ing insects. 

The image quality is quite sharp out of that old Minolta, really needs to be stopped down to get sharp focus. My go to macro lens. I had another photo I really liked but didn't know which to go for, i'll put it up anyways and see which you like more.