Friday, March 22, 2013

The Potbelleez

I was reluctant to go to see the Potbelleez last night. Why? i'm not sure, most people would jump at the chance to go photograph a well known Australian band, but not me, I wasn't in the mood.

Luckily my friend Emily convinced me and I went - damn glad I did end up going. I was never a die hard Belleez fan but i'd definitely heard their stuff before, but man, their set - on fire. They rocked it. Probably one of the best live performances i've seen for a long long time.

The shoot was primarily for the paper so naturally I was packing the D4 w/ 24-70 - my workhorse. But, seeing how much I love my little NEX I brought that along too with the Mir24N, probably the first proper run i'd given it since picking it up.

I've thrown in a mix of b/w and colour because of the crazy coloured lights they had for the show. Personally I like the b/w but sometimes I feel that colour adds a bit more interest to the photo too. Each to their own.

The 5n certainly performed a lot better than I expected it to. I've used it to shoot shows before but for some reason it seemed to handle the images better this time, maybe it's the lens - could be imagining it.
One thing that mirrorless cameras still can't beat SLR's for is autofocus, switching from D4 - NEX you really appreciate how damn good the AF system on the D4 really is. The ability to snap focus within the blink of an eye in pretty crappy lighting is impressive.

Some people love the EVF but i'm still a bit of a traditionalist and love the OVF. There are times where I love the EVF more, weird angles, in bright daylight etc, but when it gets dark, I really love the OVF. Sometimes I get a little disorientated when looking through the EVF for too long, but I can peep through the OVF all day - or night rather - long.

Although EVF sometimes bugs me, it was ok last night. I find that if I stare at it for too long it does strain the eyes a little, like staring at a computer screen for too long. ANYWAY away from the EVF, this lens is sharp. All the photos I took that night were shot wide open at f2.

Like I mentioned last time, I love the focal length of 50mm equiv.

The lens let me down a few times due to the stiff focus, but nothing extreme to make me throw the lens in the bin.

I was pretty surprised/happy with the RAW files from the NEX considering the conditions I was shooting in. I rarely shoot JPEG with the NEX, mainly because I hate Sony colours. I don't know why, but the colours that usually come straight from the camera are weird. Really magenta and not pretty.

I know this is nothing new, but RAW files are pretty damn amazing. This photo, originally was completely blue. I mean, BLUE, just by sliding the colour balance it makes the photo look normal, I know it's nothing new but I find it amazing how far we've come in camera technology.

Anyway, i've blabbed on long enough, hope you enjoyed the photos, I certainly had a blast shooting it. Definitely impressed with this little camera and the Mir24n.