Sunday, March 10, 2013


Industrial landscape #1. Sony NEX 5n, SEL1628, 30s, 400iso @f2.8

It's been a while since i've gone out at wee hours of the night to go and take photos - it certainly is nice to get back into it.

I've always been interested in landscape photography, I may not've been very good at it, but always enjoyed it. I'm (un)fortunate enough to live in a mining town, so there is never a shortage of of subjects to photograph. I've always been interested in 'industrial landscapes' trying to capture beauty of some sort in often cluttered and not-so-pretty industrial work sites.

I was lucky enough to be able to 'wander' into this worksite tonight and roam around and take photos as I pleased. Whether I was trespassing or not is a different story, i'll assume that I wasn't.. The photo gods were on my side tonight and left me with a perfectly clear sky to capture the milky way in the skies above my rock pile.

I was drawn to this pile as it reminded me of the sand dunes in the Sahara, the way the pile would naturally form beautiful shapes and the way the light from across the street fell on my subject. I tried to capture the shadows on the pile to add depth and contrast into the shot, or else i'd have been left with a pretty flat and boring pile of dirt but a nice sky.

Hope you enjoy.